Birthday Cardigan

cat  jack cardi 2 IMG_4814jack cardi 3 IMG_4774cat2jack cardi 4 hexagon's 2jack cardi 6 hexagon'sjack cardi1We are all good in the land of rouge. We got given 2 lovely new pets and the kiddie’s are just loving them, they even clean out the cage. Lets hope the enthusiasm lasts. This morning we lost a piggie and were all searching the house madly so the cat wouldn’t find him, but as soon as the cat starbuck ran inside she found him for us and we quickly swooped into rescue scruff the piggie. That’s starbuck up above looking out the window watching those piggies, lets just hope she’s watching with a motherly eye and not like I believe and is busy calculating how much salt to add to the pot once she gets a piggie. I think for now our pets will have to love each other from a far. I have also been busy working on my English paper piecing quilt. I love it!! It’s so soothing to just sit and not think, no counting stitches, no counting rows, just whip stitch those little hexagon’s together. The most exciting news I have is I knitted a cardigan!! Yes I know I’ve done this before, but do you remember me talking back here about a cardigan that I had to restart, well even after doing a gauge swatch and restarting the darn thing just isn’t turning out the size it should. So it’s at the back of the cupboard waiting for little princess to be older and maybe just maybe one day it will fit. Well after that experience I was feeling a little flat about my knitting skills and wasn’t sure that I could knit. Maybe I had just fluked it in the past when I’ve knitted clothes. But then my sister Aurora asked for a grandpa cardigan for her son’s 3rd birthday.  I can’t resist making for little ones.  I found the perfect colour and I knitted a gauge swatch and began the cardigan. I love the finished product, while blocking it I just couldn’t resist reminding Mr C about just how clever I am. 🙂 But the bestest most exciting part about this cardigan is it FITS!! My faith in my knitting abilities has been restored. I can knit!! All the details are here

Love to all



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  1. That my dear is an AWESOME cardigan. I would be putting yourself in the land of the experienced knitter with that one. Its absolutely gorgeous! Well done! The quilt is looking lovely too, such patience. Thats one thing I have never ventured into, too fiddly for me. Personally I would not trust the cat with the piggies. If its anything like ours it will think of nothing but itself. Thats cats for you.

your lovely thoughts are much loved xx

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