What’s been coming off the needles and hook

The crochet and knitting continues with some little interruptions of the school holidays. We have just finished our mid year winter holidays here and there were many movies seen and lots of braving the cold for outings. The big kiddies are back at school now and so it is once again just me and little princess at home. She is getting to that real precious age. She now feeds her dolly and puts her to bed. Little Princess then comes back from her room to inform us all ‘shhh bubba sleeping’. It’s just so adorable. She is a really little treasure. On knitting I made her a hat details here. The gorgeous pixie type that makes me think of whimsical fairy tea parties.IMAG0326I’ve also been crocheting several new toys and hats for customer special requests. I am particularly proud of how Thomas worked out. I hunted for a pattern for a long time but there was nothing out there in 8ply or that really took my fancy. I wanted to work Thomas in as few parts as possible. I had many a false start and there were several Thomas’ that got ripped right back. But the finished product has only 2 main body parts, his under carriage and his circle part on top. Yea less sewing together. I also stuffed him with foam cut to size which allowed me to keep more of his rectangle shape then opposed to stuffing with polyfill. I haven’t decided whether to release this pattern or not. What do you think?


A mini hootabelle and a hootabelle cotton beanie have just come off the hook as well. I love hootabelle and I’m so happy they changed her voice she sounds so much more hootabelle like now. My little girl loves hoot and hootabelle she now has both a hootabelle and a hoot so she runs to get them when it’s giggle and hoot time on the tele.

But probably the most exciting thing to tell you is that I finally went to the Bendigo Woollen Mill and if you haven’t been you just MUST go and if you have you know exactly what it is like. It is like walking into woolly heaven, there is wall to ceiling delicious wool all around in an array of wonderful colours. And lets not metion the back room or I may just go into woolly delight overload. I purchased some stunning Luxury in 10ply to knit this, which I have already finished but will save for another day. I also purchased some spur of the moment luxury in 8ply from the back room. It’s not designated yet so I’m having lots of fun looking at different patterns.

IMAG0335 I went to Bendigo on a day trip with my crafty pal Esme and after all our wool purchasing we decided to drive about and find main street and a cafe for lunch but on the way I spotted this out of the passenger side window and a quick detour was made. It was a little chilly but we decided to sit outside under all those blankets and we were surprisingly warm. It was such a wonderful day. I highly recommend a trip to bendigo.

Love to all




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13 responses to “What’s been coming off the needles and hook

  1. I’m really looking for a pattern so I could make A Thomas Tank Engine for my great newphews birthday. Would it be possible for you to send me a copy of your pattern? It would be greatly appreciated as I am going crazy looking for one that I can crochet.
    Again thanks for your time

  2. Please help me. He is looking so forward to the Thomas Train. You can send me an e-mail copy of the pattern.

  3. Wendy

    I am definitely interested in the Thomas the train pattern. Will you be releasing the pattern? Please let me know. He’s birthday is next month. Thanks

  4. Lee-Ann

    I would love to try out your pattern for Thomas the Train!

  5. Cristina LaBoy

    I am very interested in Thomas the train my son will be 2 in November and i wanted to crochet his personal Thomas the train myself so it would have more sentimental value to him when he is older… So if you could please help me out with the pattern it will be greatly appreciated it im a low income mother so buying one for him is not a option at the time.. Thank you so much,..

  6. Yeeli

    I love your Thomas the Train! If you ever put that on paper, I would love to have a copy of your pattern, even if I have to pay for it. 🙂 Hoping to find out more details on a pattern in the near future.

  7. Sarah

    I love the Thomas the tank engine pattern could you send it to me. I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks a million

  8. I love the Thomas train! My one year old is obsessed. if you do release it please let me know. It’s amazing. Would not mind paying for it.
    Thank you for sharing.

  9. Ildi

    Hello! A sample the Thomas might as? On shomewhere you can take? My son every desire.. Thanks for the reply.

  10. Kelsi

    My son is obsessed with trains! We speak in Thomas the Train terms. Is it possible for you to send me the pattern? He would love one for his birthday next month. Thank you!

  11. Layna

    Wondering if you ever posted this pattern? Baby nephew loves Thomas the Train! Would rather make a toy than a blanket..

  12. kathy filer

    I would love to get a copy of this Thomas pattern. My 2 year old grandson loves Thomas! I would be willing pay you for the pattern. Thank you and have a great day!


    Hola! Estoy viendo el tren tomas que has hecho, yo puedo comprar tu patrón. Está en venta en alguna tienda? Gracias por responder. Saludos desde México.

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