A wonderful weekend

Our Saturdays are becoming a jam packed action event lately. Saturday mornings is our coffee morning. Our whole little family goes out for coffee and hot chocolates in the morning. It’s become somewhat of a tradition, something we all look forward to. We have recently changed our cafe as the big boy B has started tennis lessons. And I love watching him!!!

After our coffee our little family splits in 2 and Mr C takes K and little princess home while me and B head off to tennis. I drop him with his coaches run across to the leisure center and grab a coffee to keep me warm while I sit  and chatter with other mums and dads in the freezing cold while we watch all our little ones play. B seems to really enjoy tennis which is probably why despite the cold I like it so much. After tennis B and I head home and then it’s time for Mr C to head off to swimming with K. Our afternoon’s are taken up by Mr C and I taking it in turns to head out to the gym. Saturday is a full on day there really isn’t a lot of time to spare but I do sneak in some crafting. Sunday is another story it’s our day it’s empty and we can fill it however we like. EMERALD BAKERY

This Sunday Mr C was off working at a Karate Tournament so Esme and I headed up to Emerald to visit the market. Before heading over to the market we popped into the Emerald Bakery for coffee and  cake for the kiddos. We sat right under the heater and the kiddies made a thorough mess with their cakes.


When we headed out to the market and the first thing we did was buy mittens for all the kiddos, yes I know they should all have hand knitted mittens but well they don’t and it was freezing. Esme and I were even shivering. We decided to head straight to the inside market and I think both Esme and I were a little disappointed on the craft at this market there really isn’t enough of it but if you would like some yummo food do head up. We weren’t up there for long we totally underestimated how cold it would be and the kiddies all wanted back in the cars with heaters.

security blanket collage

After our lovely visit to the market the kiddies and I headed off to meet someone very special. My bestie finally had her baby boy. You may remember when I made her this blanket back here. Well when I heard her little man arrived I decided to quickly crochet her up a security blanket. I had wanted to make him a little robot but I left that too late so a robot security blanket it was. I love how it turned out. The new mummy got a present too. White Chocolate, Chicken Chips and a little something naughty rum. We visited for probably too long but oh the bubba cuddles they were just so wonderful. I can’t wait for more.

What did you do this weekend??

Did you visit any market or maybe a little one came into your life too.

Love to all



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