Little Princess finally gets some handmade items

princess' first cardgian 2

I have been so busy knitting for everyone else and doing customer orders that the other day I realized I have never knitted little princess her own cardigan. And so I went on the hunt for a pattern to begin. I already had the yarn a soft cotton acrylic blend by James C. Brett. After a little looking around I settled on this one and cast on. It was a really quick knit and I did tweak the pattern a little. I added bands to the front and if I knitted this again I would probably add more length and shape to the arms. You can check out all the details for the adding the band here.

 princess' first cardigan

I also finally crocheted Little Princess her own Hoot. The other day a customer asked me if Little Princess had all the toys I crochet and I sadly had to respond that she only had hootabelle (which kicked off my business) and the test crochet of elmo which I later changed his mouth. I had made little princess a hootabelle back here but since then I have been so busy filling orders which has been faboulous as now B has started tennis lessons paid for by crochet 🙂 Yet the making for my family has diminished so I decided little princess definitely needed a hoot since as much as I try to make hootabelle her fav she does tend to favor hoot.

princess' own hootbelle

Oh and she was so happy when I finished him and she realized he was for her and not for a customer. She wouldn’t let him go and even held him up for photos. So I’m feeling a little better about my lack of family crafting now and can return to crocheting up those orders now while little princess snuggles down with her hoot and hootabelle.

Love to all.




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3 responses to “Little Princess finally gets some handmade items

  1. Beautiful little cardigan. The little flowers set it off so sweetly. Hoot is very cute too. xox

  2. Lovely cardigan and owl – I’m just attempting a cardi – then ran out of yarn! Like you I love to crochet and am a relative blog newbie only starting in January but I love blogging too … Its so great to have a record of day to day life and creating. Will definitely be stopping by in future Emma x

your lovely thoughts are much loved xx

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