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Busy Busy, painting and stitching

When I moved in with Mr C some years ago now he had a little kitchen table that fit perfect in his little kitchen and was not terribly ugly, but not very pretty either. Over 2 years ago now I decided the table needed a face lift, and that is when I painted the legs white and left the table top the original stain colour. But ever since then I have toyed with the idea of painting all my chairs different colours. It was many years ago I first saw this cool little style in one of my fav home magazines. But could I pull it off? Could I find the right colours, the not to bright, not to pastel set I like. Those colours I’ve fondly come to call my muted colours.

Well it took many years of working up the courage. I don’t sand so once painted the chairs would have to stay painted or we would need a new table (not an option). After months of trawling paint stores for those perfect colours I finally found them and so I began the painting of 3 ever so boring chairs.

And they became 3 oh so lovely, delightful chairs, that every time I look at them my heart soars a little with glee at how good they look. But painting is not all I have been up to at Chez Orchard I have also been doing a spot of stitching. I have not done any cross stitch since my first back here, but oh how I love it! It gives you such a sense of peace it really is such a calming art.

I stitched this little babushka for a doll of a friends birthday last month. She turned out just like my head imagined her. Don’t you love when that happens!!! Her colours are so perfect altogether I am quiet besotted with her. You too can stitch one, she is free pattern from here and even comes with friends I think I’ll do one for me too.

Love to all




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I hope everyone has had a wonderful Easter. Normally Easter is a non event in our house the most you will find being done on Easter is an Easter egg hunt then the rest of the day is like any other day no special lunches, no big deal. But this year for some unknown reason I wanted more. So I began creating Easter decorations for our house. I made a cute little paint chip bunny garland for our kitchen area

I love tradition’s,  I still will not east fish on Good Friday even though I’m not religious, but growing up my mum insisted we not eat meat and I love the feel of traditions. They seem to unite a family together almost giving them their only little quirks that make them unique from all the other familes around.  I so enjoy passing my families traditions on to my little family and creating new traditions and with new traditions in mind B and I began to dye Easter eggs for a little special surprise for our guests at Easter Lunch.

We had so much fun making these little table place card desserts. Yes that’s right I said dessert. Yep those little eggs are filled with cake. I got the lovely idea from over here. They were a big hit, the kids had heaps of fun cracking them open and peeling the shell off. Plus they made the table look stunning.

Part of the reason I think I wanted a bit more this Easter is amazingly all our family could get together on the actual day and with our house being the one with the toys and the backyard for all the kiddies and cousins to run wild it was at our house and I decided to cook a lunch. I went with something I have cooked, but only once before. It’s one of those dishes you only cook for a big group of people, but it is so simple yet gives such wonderful flavours. Its callled ‘Incredible Lamb Fricassee My Way’  but in our house Mr C and I call it Frisky lamb due to my terrible misprounication of it the first time I tried to say it and so it has stuck. So Easter lunch was ‘Frisky lamb with mash and Garlic Bread.

Every Year about a week before Easter I say ‘I’m going to make my own hot cross buns this year’. I remember my mum would always make her own hot cross buns and they were always amazing and so much better than any store bought packaged hot cross buns from the supermarkets. But every year the day before Good Friday you could find me at the supermarket buying Hot Cross Buns saying to the family ‘Next year I’ll make us hot cross buns’ .  .. . this year I did it. I not only made Hot Cross Buns for Good Friday breaky but I even whipped up another batch for Easter Sunday.

And so Easter Monday has arrived and I’ve eaten my Chocolate. Red Tulip of course, the boys are still going on their massive piles, Mr C is nibbling at his bunny and we are all feeling blessed with the wonderful time we spent with family.


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One a day Episode 3

So I am still determined to make a beekeepers quilt!! My week started out like this . .

2 hexipuffs made,

as you can see, I have not even bothered to stuff them.

I’m not happy with these “take forever hexipuffs”,

and they are not exciting and squishy like here

But than the wonderful Esme Rudy taught me to knit

First we started with a cast on


ok got that

“what are the other 2 needles for


I’m use to using one hook and you want me to put these stitches on 3 needles,”

What the?? I’m a crocheter this is the scariest looking thing,

But . . .

I did it woo hoo!!!

Oh look, we’re half way now going good

keep breathing

hard bits over

 now I’m loving the clickty clack of the needles

increases are looking on the money

and now we start the decreases

and I think I found my favourite stitch

slip slip knit

doesn’t that just sound great

my mind sings as I make this stitch

I race down the needles just to get to

slip slip knit,

And whats this a finished hexipuff in less than 2 hours on my first knitting adventure

well move over crochet hexipuffs, there’s a new kid in town and it’s knitted hexipuffs

They are soft and squishy and I have hexipuff love

I also have knitting love

I am no longer just a crocheter

I can knit

I’m not sure if I can still use this for my One a day Cal,

Can I?

But I will definitely be making a beekeepers quilt now.

But you might ask

“What are you going to do with all those crocheted hexipuffs

totaling over 8 hours of loving crochet labour?”

Well don’t worry Little Princess loves them!



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Macarons & a sneak peek.

Friday was our fortnightly craft group. I love craft group, I look forward to it, I count the days till it comes around. A day when I get to gossip, eat sweets and craft my little heart out. It just makes me so warm and fuzzy on the inside. This craft group was at my house and being the school holidays I decided to make macarons. I hear you ‘oh no that’s a big task, ‘  ‘make sure you sift the almond meal’, ‘don’t put too much food colouring in’. The recipe came with a long list of notes that I like to refer to as warnings I was thinking god are these going to work. Mr C had faith in my baking abilities he knew that’d turn out ok, so with that in mind Thursday I started to make macarons and apart for the hour sitting time they were super quick and easy to make. So after making 2 batches and than making the filing I told Mr C that he would soon be able to have a macaron, oh excitement plus! So after all my hard work in the kitchen we both bite into my macarons, and do you know what? They taste great! But we both look at each other and realise we have no idea what they should taste like. Oh well we will just after test them on the girls at craft group.So here they are all set for the real test – do they taste like macarons? The answer was a resounding Yes they taste like macarons and they are good macarons. On the Phone to Mr C and his happy too, phew close one there hehe. They will definitely being made again; I’m craving the great taste as I write now.

Normally at craft group I’m busy crocheting away, but as I have been stitching away on my secret project I decided to keep going as it is so close to finished, I thought I would share a sneak peak of my stitching with you

This cup wasn’t stitched by me it’s just part of the work, all will be revealed soon

This is part of my handy work, I’m having so much fun making all those little crosses, choosing colours.

I bet your wondering who stitched the tea cup, ‘what’s going on’ and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. I’m so excited to let you all know.


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