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Let’s Catch Up Shall We

If you are one of my friends over on ravelry, you may have noticed I’ve been busy but I haven’t updated any of my new projects on to the blog. I’ve kind of been using ravelry as my mini blog. I love that I can put so much detail over there and it’s all in one little place. I have been really utilizing ravelry a lot lately. But I thought I would pop in and do a catch up. Show you call what I have been working on.

baby layette

First up is my first item of crochet clothing. I learned to crochet before I learned to knit but I have always felt crochet was for blankets and toys and knitting was for clothes well that changed when on a tight deadline everything went wrong. With a bubba popping out in 2 weeks and an order for said bubba for a layette set was requested. I began knitting a beautiful lace cardigan, but disaster struck twice. 4 ply is incredibly hard to pick up stitches when they fall off your needles, ie: your child sits on your knitting and grabs only the needle to pull it up and what do you know all the knitting is still under their bottom. Worse still when you do it yourself a day later. So with a deadline looming I decided to crochet a little layette instead. I am so glad I did, because it turned out so well and now I have opened up a whole new pattern door 🙂 More things to crochet Woo Hoo!!

baby boy layette

I’ve also been knitting for Little Princess, I just can’t help myself. I loved this one, it’s Olinda. I wanted a short sleeved cardigan for her for spring and this has been sitting in my queue for sometime now and I have even had the pattern purchased. I thought it would be a perfect fit with some Bendigo Woollen Mill Angora I got at a great discount price from the back room.  It was a bit of a pain to knit with being angora, shed like crazy while knitting. Kept going up my nose and tickling me like crazy. But the first wash got all of it out and now it’s one of mine and Little Princess’ favourite cardigan.


Don’t you just love the colour. A beautful dusty pink and it looks so pretty on her. Though I may be biased. I think she looks amazing in everything. I do love how it sits from behind too. A really great pattern!IMG_5168

And lastly I had a special request from my sister Duchess’ Boyfriend for a crochet Eagle. The pattern is here it’s a great pattern very ingenious but written in very very short hand in parts. The finished product is very cool though. And Duchess’ boyfriend really loved it.


Those wings as just so cleverly done. I love themIMG_5194IMG_5192

So there we go we are all caught up and as you can see I’ve been crocheting and knitting, just finding it hard to sit down at the computer to pop it all up for you to see. Hope to be back soon, I have a new top for princess just come off the hook and a cardigan currently on my needles in another great colour also Bendigo Wool. Yep I’m having a love affair at the moment it’s just so great.

Love to all





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A new baby blanket


The Cabbage patch seems full of baby boys at the moment. Do you ever feel like one sex is being born way more then the other. I remember when I had B there was only 1 little girl in our mothers group the rest were all boys and when I had Little Princess all my friends who were having babies were having girls too. Now it seems to have flipped back to boys and I was asked to make a special blanket for someone’s new little nephew. I was given free reign on the design but was asked if it could be similiar colours to the last baby boy blanket I made.

boy blanket2I choose to go with a pattern this time as I was on a bit of a short time frame. The block I choose is from Jan Eatons 200 Crochet Blocks  and the pattern is the Criss Cross  and it works so well in a big blanket. Though putting it together was more like quilting with having to make sure all those spaces lined up. There was a couple of times where I ripped the whole rows back. I found pining the chains were the spaces were to each other really helped make sure those spaces lined up.

boyblanket6This was a relative quick project, much faster then the ripple. I whizzed through the squares and managed to finish the whole blanket in 2 weeks. There are 12 squares in total all joined through the back loops with right sides facing together.boyblanket1And I finally got to add a pom pom edging. This is something I have wanted to do for a while but I just haven’t had the right blanket come off the hook. This one was perfect for pom poms. It was practically screaming at me to sew a pom pom border on. My heart was jumping for joy at the finished look and I think I may need to make us a blanket with a pom pom edge, maybe something red. I have been given a report that the new baby loves his new blankie oh and mum and dad do too.

Love to all



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Delivering Crochet to Geelong


Last weekend we all piled in the car at 7am and started our drive to geelong to have breakfast with some old friends. They were down from Canberra for the weekend and visiting family. We hardly ever get to catch up now that we both have kids and live so far away. In fact I think the last couple of times we caught up was their wedding and then ours. So it was well worth the drive down the coast. After a quick stop for coffee for us adults and some tide the kids over until breakfast hash browns we were on the open road. The kids were great on the drive and I took along my yarn basket and made little princess a peppa pig. Which she has becomes obsessed with, it seems once all the kiddies around here hit about 2 and half they all can’t get enough of peppa pig. Do your kids love her too??

Geelong4We ate at the Wharf Shed which is right on the water. The water was freezing and the wind was blowing it up over the edge of the walls, we all got sprayed by seawater. The wind was blowing a gale but we still managed a walk along the waterfront down to the carousel where all kiddies had a ride, though little princess was the only one at the right age, B and K really really wanted a go but I think after it’s first round trip they were a little disappointed that going round in circles was all it did. But none the less it was warm and out of the wind so us mummies enjoyed it a lot.

Geelong5After Breakfast we went up the National Wool Museum, which Mr C had been so excited about visiting all week. (Can you hear the sarcasm in my voice) I didn’t make the family wonder around the museum I just wanted to visit the shop and see if they sold lush yarn. Unfortunately I’m very disappointed to say the don’t. They did have some wool on the shelves but not to my taste. So we all piled back in the car and began our journey home which involved a detour through the city due to my bad directions, but oh well we got home eventually. 🙂


It was a lovely catch and I can’t wait to see our friends again. Isn’t catching up with old friend the best.

Love to all


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Wishing upon a star

IMG_4963When I was a little girl on the school holidays we got to go with my mum to her craft group (much the same as my children do now). My sisters and I would spend hours playing with the other children while our mother’s crafted away. I remember one ladies house being an old house with lots of different rooms that were filled with many wonderful treasures. My favourite room had a piano right in the center and I would sit in there banging away on the keys. My skills didn’t reach much further then chopsticks, but I had so much fun on that piano. For many years as a child whenever I wished upon a star it was for  a Piano. Though sadly as a child my wish was never granted by those stars and I never took piano lessons. As an adult I have still always wanted to own a piano and maybe just maybe even be able to play it.


Last weekend my wish partly came true and we purchased a beautiful 1800’s Becker piano and this weekend when I arrived home from the gym Mr C was sitting at the piano filling our house with the sound of ‘Heart and Soul’. It made my day.

Mr C on the piano

We have all spent this weekend learning the basics and B is now playing twinkle twinkle little star. There is something about piano music though, even if it is just scales it seems to fill the house with such a wonderful feeling. I’ve had such a thoroughly great weekend learning piano and then listening to others learn while crocheting away on a new blanket.


I was even just treated to a recital of Twinkle twinkle little star by B and he was so proud of himself. Who knew a piano could make for such a wonderful weekend. Even little princess has gotten in on the action and has learnt ‘C’ 🙂

little princess on the piano

Love to all


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July 30, 2013 · 9:27 am

What’s been coming off the needles and hook

The crochet and knitting continues with some little interruptions of the school holidays. We have just finished our mid year winter holidays here and there were many movies seen and lots of braving the cold for outings. The big kiddies are back at school now and so it is once again just me and little princess at home. She is getting to that real precious age. She now feeds her dolly and puts her to bed. Little Princess then comes back from her room to inform us all ‘shhh bubba sleeping’. It’s just so adorable. She is a really little treasure. On knitting I made her a hat details here. The gorgeous pixie type that makes me think of whimsical fairy tea parties.IMAG0326I’ve also been crocheting several new toys and hats for customer special requests. I am particularly proud of how Thomas worked out. I hunted for a pattern for a long time but there was nothing out there in 8ply or that really took my fancy. I wanted to work Thomas in as few parts as possible. I had many a false start and there were several Thomas’ that got ripped right back. But the finished product has only 2 main body parts, his under carriage and his circle part on top. Yea less sewing together. I also stuffed him with foam cut to size which allowed me to keep more of his rectangle shape then opposed to stuffing with polyfill. I haven’t decided whether to release this pattern or not. What do you think?


A mini hootabelle and a hootabelle cotton beanie have just come off the hook as well. I love hootabelle and I’m so happy they changed her voice she sounds so much more hootabelle like now. My little girl loves hoot and hootabelle she now has both a hootabelle and a hoot so she runs to get them when it’s giggle and hoot time on the tele.

But probably the most exciting thing to tell you is that I finally went to the Bendigo Woollen Mill and if you haven’t been you just MUST go and if you have you know exactly what it is like. It is like walking into woolly heaven, there is wall to ceiling delicious wool all around in an array of wonderful colours. And lets not metion the back room or I may just go into woolly delight overload. I purchased some stunning Luxury in 10ply to knit this, which I have already finished but will save for another day. I also purchased some spur of the moment luxury in 8ply from the back room. It’s not designated yet so I’m having lots of fun looking at different patterns.

IMAG0335 I went to Bendigo on a day trip with my crafty pal Esme and after all our wool purchasing we decided to drive about and find main street and a cafe for lunch but on the way I spotted this out of the passenger side window and a quick detour was made. It was a little chilly but we decided to sit outside under all those blankets and we were surprisingly warm. It was such a wonderful day. I highly recommend a trip to bendigo.

Love to all



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Yarn bomb at home


Do you remember way back here I began these. Well somewhere along the way I got distracted, probably by hexipuffs (which I am still slogging away at). Well they were always in the back of my mind, but deep down I knew I was never going to finish a bed runner of them. The turning point came when I started a whole new crochet blanket for our bed and the bed runner became obsolete. So instead I had the brilliant idea (tooting my own trumpet) of beautifying our very sad and old looking letter box. I think it does the job (somewhat) and I hope it makes the postie smile.

Love to all


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February Crochet

Back in February, that 4 months ago. Oh my can you believe we are in April. The 4th month of the year. Time is flying around here, I still haven’t even sent out our thank-yous for our wedding in January. It has just be so busy since the wedding but I really need to get on to that. It’s just been so busy, 2 weeks after the wedding I got my tonsils out. After being on the waiting list for little over 2 and half years. Though I have needed my tonsils out since I was a kid. I have the kinda tonsils that look like the are cutting off my airway even when I’m healthy so it’s been a long time coming. The surgery wasn’t too bad and neither was the pain, but it took me a full 2 weeks to recover, some said this was due to the general anesthics. Apparently sometimes they can knock you for six and mine sure did.

After that it was out little princess’  2nd bday. We celebrated with a low key family event and a princess birthday cake of course. Shortly followed was the eldest’s B’s 7th Birthday. So we headed off to laser tag with 9 of his school friends and of course Mr C played as well. Straight after B’s birthday it’s Mr C’s birthday and I gifted him with a coffee machince which is AWESOME. I also gave him the newest book in his favourite series The Dark Towers.  And now I’m working on gifts for my bf’s baby shower next weekend. And all these things seem to happen within a couple of weeks of each other. But I will get on to those thank-you’s it’s driving me crazy. But now I will show you some crochet. Of course

As I was saying back in feb over on the facebook page (do pop by if you haven’t done so before) I recieved a message with a special request. To make this little guy into a amugurumi gift for her partner for valentines Day. Aww how sweet. I’d love to gift Mr C with a crochet gift for valentines or any occassion actually but I can never think of anything to make. So I jumped at the chance to make this little guy and for a romantic occassion too ohlala.  His from a playstation game called Ni No Kuni. I’ve never done a gaming character before but the way my partner loves to game I really should have made many. But I’m not a gamer and have no idea of any of the characters in any of the games he plays. Though I do know that a mirror dropped for him today and that’s a very rare drop. So it’s super exciting. All you gaming WAGS out there will be able to have a little laugh at that one. IMG_4504

  I do hope her partner had an awesome valentines day. Maybe him and his new toy even play the playstation together now. Aww how cute.

Love to all


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