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Sock Monkey and Hat to match

Recently I was asked to make a Sock Monkey, I had never made one before and really didn’t know where to start. The lovely customer had sent me her inspiration and so I began making a sock monkey, it turned out to be fairly simple until I reached the head and than I just couldn’t get it how I like, so in jumped the very talented Esme Rudy who had made her little O his very own Sock Monkey and I was able to finish off the head. Do you ever run into problem areas when making your own toys. Heads are the worst for me, I seem to wizz through body planning but head planning takes me quiet a lot longer and several tries.

Well once the sock monkey was complete with little tasseled hat and all I made a hat for the owner of the new sock monkey to match. I love it!! My nephew has already requested his own, or seem his not talking yet his mummy has requested 🙂 Apart from the crocheting of toys around here, I have been a busy busy little bee making things for our engagement party and sewing meters and meters of bunting to fill the marquee. We need to get invites out soon so they will be next on the list. I can’t wait to share it all with you. Only 3 months to go now it’s getting so close, will be so nice to finally acknowledge and celebrate our engagement. The kiddies around here have been loving the daylight savings and so have I. Last night I cooked dinner and than was able to head back outside to put a 2nd coat of paint on my latest adventure. But the kids have been out after school playing on the trampoline though they can’t bounce too high as little princess insists on being on with them, but really isn’t quiet big enough yet. Who ever invited the cage oops I mean net around the trampoline has got to be a toddlers best friend hehe.

Well thats enough rambling for me, more painting to do and just got an order on my made it shop, so another Hoot is calling to my hook.

Love to all




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Star Wars for the boys and cute crochet for the girls

My oh my I am turning into rather a lazy blogger I do apologize. I have just been so busy busy busy the last month preparing for K’s party. He requested a Star Wars party this year, so I have been scouring around for Star Wars ideas, Star Wars toys, and busy making all those party decorations.

I made every child their own lightsaber and star wars robe. My scouring of the internet resulted in a wonderful find of these little r2-d2 cup labels which we used as party favours for all the children. I also found the yoda soda labels over here where you will find a whole bunch of wonderful free star wars downloads. I had heaps of fun making this party come together if at times making 18 of everything was a little stressful. The party itself was a huge success and my only tip for future parents and their own star wars party would be don’t worry about the food just get cheesles, kids LOVE them we went through so many packets.

After the party was done and dusted and me and Mr C had sat down and recovered with some lovely grown up cider, I began a little project for my little princess. I have wanted to make her this for so long.

Here is Aus we have this show on ABC2 called Giggle and hoot, Mr C and I have never been big fans and many jokes have been had at the character Jimmy Giggles expense (though I’m sure the actor is a wonderful person) but the show introduced a new character earlier this year and I was instantly converted. I am a huge Giggle and Hoot fan now who could not be with this cutie joining them

Isn’t she adorable, she comes to Twinklify the night and does it while singing a jazzy song that gets everyone in our house swinging. I had so much fun crocheting her. She was incredibly quick and easy to work up. I used the pattern for Hoot over here and just changed her up a bit to look like hootabelle. Adding eyelashes and a pretty butterfly headband. I hope you like her too our little princess loves her and she has now been cuddled and slobbered on and looks much loved 🙂

Love to all



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A rainbow ripple for a Miracle Baby

Do you remember when I blogged about this blanket, well someone saw it over on my facebook and asked if I could possibly make one for their baby who is to be born in Ocotber. I was thrilled and delighted and of course I said yes.

I was even more excited to be making this blanket, when the lovely lady told me this little blanket would be going to a Miracle Baby. Having had my children relatively young and one of them being a wonderful surprise, I can not imagine how hard it is for women who must go through the turmoil of fertility issues.

I watch all my friends around me beginning the process of creating a family and some of them are facing their own though battles and my heart goes out to them.

But with the miracle of life I look forward to making many more miracle blankets for all the natural miracles, hormone mircales and IVF miracles that I am sure will come and make many families happy.

Thinking of all you wonderful ladies out there

Love to all



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The weekend was pleasantly quiet here at Chez Orchard. We did our regular Saturday morning coffee outing and then the rest of the weekend was spent in our pj’s or in Mr C’s case his “lounge pants”. It was very relaxing indeed. I was even served breaky in bed on Sunday and spent a good part of the day in bed, drinking coffee, watching the Today show, knitting and reading.

Why you might ask was I so spoiled .  . . well if you are part of the gaming community and not living under a rock you may have heard that they released a little game called Diablo III. Apparently this game is totally amazing and gamers have been eagerly awaiting it’s release for some years. Well Finally Mr C got to play this weekend and because I am such a wonderful fiancee and let him play pretty much not stop all weekend he spoiled me rotten. Not only did I get breaky in bed but I didn’t cook dinner once all weekend, so I would have to agree with gamers all over the world Diablo III is AWESOME hehehe.

I finished a few projects over the weekend too. The Miracle Rainbow Ripple was wrapped and popped in the post on Friday so as soon as I know it’s received I’ll bring you some bright colourful shots of her. (yes blankets totally have genders). Another project I finished was for Mr C something I was so surprised to hear him ask for but was a load of fun to make, now I just need to get him to co-operate with some nice shots of his new piece. But what am going to show you today, well a little while I mentioned I had started a new project and I teased you with some side shots of little baby squares back here. Well I have now started to add the last round.

This was a spur of the moment blanket I discovered over at the Serendipity Patch. I stumbled along her blog through pinterest and instantly wanted to create every single blanket she has ever made. But I’m yarn dieting at the moment and everything would need serious planning and careful consideration of colours in other words the yarn I have was not going to cut it and I had promised to try and use as much of my stash as possible before buying more yarn. Disheartened I left it for a later date, but I just kept being drawn over and over again back to her blog and started to even look through all her wonderful archives and then I spotted it over there. Isn’t it wonderful such a pretty take on the granny and I couldn’t wait this would be perfect and so I began.

It’s funny you know all these yarns are ones I bought on whims not knowing what I would use them for or never actually making their intended purpose.Though they are all working so well together, I’m loving it. I’m running out of some yarn colours as I go and so the urge to replace them is strong but I’m holding out so not all squares will have the same number of colours but I think it’s adding character. What do you think??

Thank you so much serendipity patch you are a vision of joy.

Love to all




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Crochet for Babies with vintage tea

I love a new baby aren’t they just the cutest and also a great excuse to make some cute baby gifts and whats more cute then a gorgeous pair of booties with a cutie pie hat to match.

Do you recognise snowy the bear. He seems to be the designated hat model in my house.

The hat pattern I used can be found over here, I’ve used her patterns before and like her blog says they are super easy, but I’m not sure if any other Aussies have this problem but American patterns all call for worsted weight yarn, which does not come in an amazing variety of colours or brands here in little aus so I just thought I would use my normal 8 ply yarn and see how it turned out. Well the hat above is made using the Teen/Adult instructions and I finally got a hat that fitted a newborn, so yarn ply really does matter hehe.

I have been hunting for a bootie pattern for quiet some time I have tried patterns out of books, free patterns on the net, and even chart patterns but I have never been able to produce a single bootie. I’m not sure why but I think like most things in my life I do it my way which means slightly wrong and so with my crochet when working in the rounds the tops of booties always end up slightly askew to where they are meant to be. I had nearly given up on the bootie making plans for future babies but I really wanted too make those gorgeous little ugg type booties you see all over the net so I soldiered on and found this pattern. It’s worked in rows, yes you have to seam it up but hey I got to booties. The pattern is only for a shoe I improvised the top part to make a little bootie and I love them. I will definitely be making these for future babies.

I hope all the mummies have a fantastic day tomorrow and all get spoilt rotten while being waited on hand and foot by their lovely families, I’m off to have a cuppa tea with my B Bunny now

Love to all



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I hope everyone has had a wonderful Easter. Normally Easter is a non event in our house the most you will find being done on Easter is an Easter egg hunt then the rest of the day is like any other day no special lunches, no big deal. But this year for some unknown reason I wanted more. So I began creating Easter decorations for our house. I made a cute little paint chip bunny garland for our kitchen area

I love tradition’s,  I still will not east fish on Good Friday even though I’m not religious, but growing up my mum insisted we not eat meat and I love the feel of traditions. They seem to unite a family together almost giving them their only little quirks that make them unique from all the other familes around.  I so enjoy passing my families traditions on to my little family and creating new traditions and with new traditions in mind B and I began to dye Easter eggs for a little special surprise for our guests at Easter Lunch.

We had so much fun making these little table place card desserts. Yes that’s right I said dessert. Yep those little eggs are filled with cake. I got the lovely idea from over here. They were a big hit, the kids had heaps of fun cracking them open and peeling the shell off. Plus they made the table look stunning.

Part of the reason I think I wanted a bit more this Easter is amazingly all our family could get together on the actual day and with our house being the one with the toys and the backyard for all the kiddies and cousins to run wild it was at our house and I decided to cook a lunch. I went with something I have cooked, but only once before. It’s one of those dishes you only cook for a big group of people, but it is so simple yet gives such wonderful flavours. Its callled ‘Incredible Lamb Fricassee My Way’  but in our house Mr C and I call it Frisky lamb due to my terrible misprounication of it the first time I tried to say it and so it has stuck. So Easter lunch was ‘Frisky lamb with mash and Garlic Bread.

Every Year about a week before Easter I say ‘I’m going to make my own hot cross buns this year’. I remember my mum would always make her own hot cross buns and they were always amazing and so much better than any store bought packaged hot cross buns from the supermarkets. But every year the day before Good Friday you could find me at the supermarket buying Hot Cross Buns saying to the family ‘Next year I’ll make us hot cross buns’ .  .. . this year I did it. I not only made Hot Cross Buns for Good Friday breaky but I even whipped up another batch for Easter Sunday.

And so Easter Monday has arrived and I’ve eaten my Chocolate. Red Tulip of course, the boys are still going on their massive piles, Mr C is nibbling at his bunny and we are all feeling blessed with the wonderful time we spent with family.


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Happy 1st Birthday

Sunday was our little Princess’ 1st Birthday. I know I can’t believe she has turned 1 the year has just flown by. Officially my little baby is no longer a baby but a growing toddler and yes I want to cry. I miss the squishy newborn, I miss that new born cry and smile but oh boy am I enjoying watching this little girl grow. The tumbles she takes as she learns to stand on her own. The variations of crawling we have progressed through before she figured out how to do it on all fours, and her laughter grows more lovely with every day.

But now she is 1 a mighty 1 year old and we celebrated her 1st year with our lovely family and friends at a High Tea at our little home Chez Orchard.

We had a wonderful time. Little Princess wore her party dress and she was spoilt rotten by her wonderful friends. Just like a true princess she was given an array of wonderful jewellery from her lovely friends and even a little heart jewellery box to keep all her new jewels in.

And of course we drank out of vintage tea cups kindly given to me by my belle-mère

  and there was little glass jars for pink lemonade for the littlies

I used a set of free printables I found here. I had so much fun making all the little decorations and food. There was little tea pot sugar cookies along with

with little pink tea cups with white polka dots

Choc Chip Whoopie Pies, chocolate mousse shots and cupcakes.

I made the cake myself adding my own little high tea inspired string of buntings.

The cake was a 4 layered Lemon Mascarpone Cream Sponge. Which tasted lovely if I do say so myself.

We had a lovely day and I must say a big thank-you to a very special lady who helped me with all the organising and baking. If it wasn’t for you (yoou know who you are) I may have still been in the kitchen covered in flour on Sunday instead of drinking Champagne and celebrating my little girls 1st Birthday with all our wonderful friends and family.

And now little princess is 1, no longer a baby on her way to being a big girl.  But right now she is still growing. She has 8 teeth, 4 on top 4 on bottom. Her top 2 front teeth are so big she looks like a bunny when she smiles – we love it.

She can crawl on all 4’s after doing the belly flop for a long period. She likes to crawl backwards as wel,l Mr C calls it the mooncrawl. She can pull herself up and walk along things and is just starting to stand by herself. She is gaining confidence every day and it wont be long before she is off and trotting. She is starting to talk. We have heard ‘hi’ ‘daddy’ and a little ‘mama’ but her favourite sound is screaming, she loves her own voice and can be heard babbling to herself as she crawls around our little house. And with turning 1 she has not learned to sleep, she still wakes every 2-3 hours at night, but we love her in all her cuteness.

Happy Birthday Little Princess



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