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Wishing upon a star

IMG_4963When I was a little girl on the school holidays we got to go with my mum to her craft group (much the same as my children do now). My sisters and I would spend hours playing with the other children while our mother’s crafted away. I remember one ladies house being an old house with lots of different rooms that were filled with many wonderful treasures. My favourite room had a piano right in the center and I would sit in there banging away on the keys. My skills didn’t reach much further then chopsticks, but I had so much fun on that piano. For many years as a child whenever I wished upon a star it was for  a Piano. Though sadly as a child my wish was never granted by those stars and I never took piano lessons. As an adult I have still always wanted to own a piano and maybe just maybe even be able to play it.


Last weekend my wish partly came true and we purchased a beautiful 1800’s Becker piano and this weekend when I arrived home from the gym Mr C was sitting at the piano filling our house with the sound of ‘Heart and Soul’. It made my day.

Mr C on the piano

We have all spent this weekend learning the basics and B is now playing twinkle twinkle little star. There is something about piano music though, even if it is just scales it seems to fill the house with such a wonderful feeling. I’ve had such a thoroughly great weekend learning piano and then listening to others learn while crocheting away on a new blanket.


I was even just treated to a recital of Twinkle twinkle little star by B and he was so proud of himself. Who knew a piano could make for such a wonderful weekend. Even little princess has gotten in on the action and has learnt ‘C’ 🙂

little princess on the piano

Love to all



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July 30, 2013 · 9:27 am