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I made a quilt from start to finish

quilt 1

I love the idea of making quilts, but I can never carry out the whole process, normally I make a quilt top and then when it come to the idea of basting it all and quilting I give up and the quilt top stays unfinished. But this time I was determined to make a quilt.

quilt 4

quilt 2

The piecing was fine and went along really fast. Most of my seams match up too. I crawled around on the floor spreading the backing out taping and then pinning all those layers together. And then came the quilting, half way through quilting I said I would never machine quilt again.  I believe more then a few choice words were muttered to my sewing machine in the process. Next came the hand sewing of the binding and I fell in love with the whole quilt and what do you know but I already want to make another one and maybe, just maybe even machine quilt it. Who knows.

quilt 3

For now I am busy snuggling under my new quilt with all the kiddies looking at quilt patterns for the next project.

What are you crafting away at this weekend?

Love to all





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