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Fall into Reading 2011 – Wrap Up

A little while ago you may remember I signed up to be part of Callapidder’s Fall into Reading Challenge where you choose a list of books you would like to complete by 21st of December, I signed up a little late but there was no restrictions on when you could join or how many books you could decide to challenge yourself to read. At the time I was already reading a novel (You can check out my start here) but I had read it before and I felt I was stuck in a reading rut. I had books sitting on the shelf staring at me but none of them seemed to be screaming to be read. I had a vague sense I was neglecting something I loved dearly, the written word but at the same time life was just too busy. I could not spare the time I wanted to give to a book. Being the sort of person that can become so engrossed in a good novel that I forget reality exists can be a challenge when there are mouths that depend on you for feeding and also the lack of sleep from a non sleeping 10 mth old seemed to be keeping my nose out of many a book. I would pick them up read a few pages to only place them back on the shelf to collect dust. I needed a good stiff kick up the bum if I was ever going to start reading again and so this challenge came at the exact right moment in my little world and I jumped on the bandwagon quick as a flash.

I have loved being a part of this challenge! I read two wonderful books that would have otherwise sat on my shelf collecting dust for who knows how many months, years more. But instead I discovered 2 wonderful novels full of adventure, love and pain that I enjoyed reading immensely. You can check out my quick reviews back here.

Part of The Fall into Reading Challenge involves the delightful Katrina asking us reading related questions, I have loved going over to check them out and discuss with other book lovers all sorts of book related subjects. Finding out wonderful things about other readers was insightful and my fav being that I am not the only naughty reader out there who reads in the car at traffic lights, when it’s a good book it’s just too hard to put down. But there have been many more questions and many more blog posts I have enjoyed reading along the way.

But alas as I lay in bed late at night writing or should I say typing this post I have come to the conclusion that I am not going to finish  and prehaps it is due to the fact that along the way I decided to change my last choice. After finishing my first 3 novels (see here if you like) which I decided did not classify as cheating as I had read my 4th choice anyways and I really really wanted to read ‘Inheritance’ I had been waiting years for this book to come about and could just not resist. But alas it has been sorely disappointing and I am only here (above) but I am still reading. I can not put a book down once I read a certain amount and I have gone past the point of no return and yes the book is getting better, but sadly I have to say this author has lost his way. At every turn he seems to introduce a deus ex machina to solve his plot obstacles, but it is the last in series I have enjoyed until now and I must see it to the end even if that means I do not finish this challenge. Though I have decided that this does not constitute a fail as I achieved what I set out to and that was to get out of my reading rut and get those unread books off my shelf and into my hands and that I did. Not only did I read 3 novels 2 being fantastic I already have another book I am just bursting at the seams to read and so my love for reading has been reignited and I count that as a big Pass for The Fall into Reading Challenge.

I shall be watching Callapidder closely for her next reading adventure and will definitely be joining in!!!

Merry Christmas to all




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One a day – Episode 16

What a week it has been, we have been so busy with our Christmas prep and finishing all those loose ends at school. B is meeting his new teacher for next year today and finding out who will be in his class for next year. K has been doing orientation to start prep next year and of course little princess has decided that once again sleeping is off the agenda and so crochet and knitting seem to have been put on the back burner, and I do find myself wanting to crochet or knit and being unable to concentrate for more than a few stitches. I have instead at night watched a woeful amount of bad tv while trying to amuse a little princess and trying to fit in a few stitches between her little whinges:)

But amongst this I have managed to start designing my own little . . .

well what do you think this is. Mr C thought I was crocheting a frilly witches hat. And than whilst continuing to read Inheritance which is still taking forever I just couldn’t resist the urge to knit. It seems to have taken over at the moment. I find myself wanting to knit more and more these days I suspect this is due to the fact that I am quite a quick knitter compared to crocheter. I also have so many lovely pregnant friends at the moment who just need little jackets and I just find knitted clothes so much more adorable than crocheted ones. But I do love crocheted toys and blankets over knitted one so I think my love lies in both of these arts knitting just seems to be more at the forefront now. And so while I should be sleeping I start just because I couldn’t resist a completely frivolous and unneeded project

I’m trying my hand at fair isle, just a small project to start I’m knitting up some little baby clothes hanger covers. I thought I would fail miserably at this and spend the time trying to untangle the mess of knotted wool but instead I have not got tangled once and have been zooming up and down the knitted and purl sides counting away and keeping close track of those colour changes. It is working out nicely I think I might make a set of these, though they will be too small for little princess’ clothes  – they are only for 20cm coat hangers, so not sure who these will be for maybe the next one I will add a few more pattern repeats so I can keep them for little princess. I would love to know if that would work if any of you knitters out there know leave me a msg I’d love your wisdom. But before I could start these beautiful coat hangers I had to sort out this terrible mess that had developed in the cupboards of my craft dresser.

But after hours of untangling, unknotting and winding back up I came out with the most delightful basket of gorgeous cosy pretty raveled balls. Though I do have to admit I commited yarn lover sin and some did have to be discarded as it was just not worth saving. It was too knotted and tangled to be savable or and I shudder to remember it was toward the end of hours of sorting and I just couldn’t be bothered saving little amounts. I know I know I’m very naughty and will have to say a lot of ‘I love yarn’ to be forgiven.

And how could I forget and leave it till now to tell you, I finally gave in. I had been holding out, waiting for the dvd but I just couldn’t do it anymore. So yesterday I took myself and little princess off to the movies and we saw Breaking Dawn – Part 1 and I LOVED it. I must admit to being a lover of these books from way back and went to the first Twilight movie maybe more than once, but over the years my love for twilight has dwindled and we parted ways after the movie New Moon and from then decided I would watch them but only ever on dvd, but after many lovely ladies telling me it was great and the one thing that hooked me was Bella changes in this movie. I have wanted to see that for so long. I just couldn’t wait I had to see it, so after a quick re watch of Eclipse my love was reignited and I found myself smiling through the wedding, not wanting to miss a bit of that steamy scene and holding my breath waiting to see what would happen to Bella. I want to see it again already, I just loved it.

But of course that is my week and today is One a Day Tuesday and last week I was still on track but this week I feel I may be falling further and further behind. I just seem to have so many other things to knit and crochet that my one a day seems to be suffering from a case of slight neglect. Not many hexipuffs have been added to the slowly growing number.  And I really have nothing to show this week but as you know I will go to great lengths to give you a hexipuff photo and in the spirit of Christmas I give you


Merry Christmas 🙂

So this week hopefully I will knit some hexipuffs I have my fingers crossed. Finish off some coat hangers and keep going on my ‘frilly witches hat’ and hopefully have some Finished objects to show you.

I’m now off to Karate where I shall knit at least one hexipuff while the boys and punch and kick away.



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Fall into Reading update

As you all know a while ago I joined the fall into reading challenge over here some of you even joined along :). I have so enjoyed this challenge. This year I was struggling to become involved in any novel and had even started to re-read my dirty little secret novels, but this challange has really given me the kick up the bottom I needed.

I have actually finished 3 of the 4 books I committed myself to read.

‘Maestro’ – Peter Goldsworthy,

This book was recommended to me by Duchess who had to read it for school. I’m not the biggest fan of Australian literature (very unpatriotic of me) so it has been sitting on my shelf for over 3 years now just waiting to be read, being picked up looked at, turned over but always replaced back on the shelf.

Well that was a big mistake! This book was amazingly written and through the whole experience I found myself wanting to keep reading. When I was away from the book I was thinking about the characters, what were they doing, how was it going to end what was he going to do next.

This book held my interest through out the whole time. I turly loved it, now I’m no book reviewer so I’m not going to go in details about characters and stuff but I will just say I should have read this book 3 years ago when it became a fixture of my bookshelf. Highly recommend it going on anyones to read list.

‘A farewell to Arms’ – Ernst Hemingway,

Now I’m a big fan of the classics one of my favourite authors is Tolstoy, I love war and peace but I even liked Resurrection, I love russian writers Crime and punishment being one of my favourite books.

So being a lover of the classics I have always wanted to read some Hemingway but was put off by a friends discription of Hemingway as ‘I have no idea what everyones talking about he writes like a wack’ so not such high praise and as such this book has sat unread for a time as well.

But this was another one I should have picked up long ago, It’s wonderfully wirtten (not like a wack at all :)) and I loved every moment. Though I would have to say the characters are slightly odd especially Catherine who at times I have no idea what she is going on about and seems to live in her own world.

So that’s another 3 books down and I have  so enjoyed this reading, but I have decided to change my last book. I mean I have read it already so I think swapping it for something else does not classify as cheating. And I have been waiting so long for this book  to come out I can’t wait any longer now I have it.

This is the 4th and final book in The Inhertiance cycle, Christopher Paolini was 15 when he wrote the 1st in this series and I read it way back in 2004ish so it’s been a long journey to the end.

I have started this book and am about 50 pages in and I’m not sure if it is my reading that has grown but the writer seems less capable this time around. It does not seem as well written as the others and has not hooked me straight away like the others but I will keep reading. I very very rarely start and not a finish a book. I just cannot half read a book even if I hate the book I must read till the end. Does anyone else out there do the same thing, what book have you read just because you must finish it??

Well I’m off to snuggle in bed with my book and some knitting

night night all





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Screeching halt

Last night a horrible event happened




I did not want to




craft at all for that matter

It came from nowhere, all of a sudden i just did not want to pick up my hook or needles

I had even written out a pattern for a rose but just could not find the mojo to try it out.

I have never not wanted to at least hook before

It relaxes me, it soothes me. So I lay on the couch with the tv on

and you know what tv is so so boring.

I was completely lost without my craft, I had no idea what to do with myself.

I tossed and I turned I tried to pick up the hook and chain but nothing

I couldn’t even bring myself to pick up my one a day project and make a hexipuff so the total for this week is 1 and it should be 2

What was I to do. I was lost I had nothing to do, so I went to bed

Thats right at 7.30pm I went to bed,

but I did accomplish something

I read and finished one of my books for

The fall into reading challenge  (you can check out my books here.)

I finished the Vampire academy book

so now it’s onto something a little more substantial I think I shall start Maestro’ – Peter Goldsworthy,

But I’m hoping to have my mojo back as I have this little teapot

which is plain and boring

and screaming for some crochet knitted prettiness hopefully I will back soon to show the cuteness

but for now it’s time to do the school drop

and I must get dressed 🙂

love to all


I forgot to mention this as well

You might have seen it in my side bar if not head over and add your crafty blog or check out some of the other great craft blogs

xx again.


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Baking and Reading

It’s school holidays down under and here we have been baking. B has been asking me for days now to make a cake and I kept saying on the holidays, so now they have arrived I thought I better stick to my word and bake a cake.
So out came my mums little cook book. My mum was a pastry chef and I was left all her recipes. B calls this little book  “Nana’s Secret’s” I think she would have loved that. I do!

And I’m going to share with you one of “Nana’s Secrets”. We loved this cake hope you do to.

Chocolate Fudge Cake

  • 125g butter
  • 1 Cup castor sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 2/3 cup cocoa
  • 1/2 cup hot water
  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 teaspoons white vinegar
  • 1 1/2 cup self-raising flour

Preheat oven to 160 degrees Celsius fan forced (180 not fan forced), Prepare a 20cm round cake pan, line base with baking paper and grease. Dissolve cocoa in hot water and let cool. Sift flour into bowl and set aside.

Cream butter and sugar in small bowl with electric mixer until light and fluffy

Add eggs one at a time beating well in between.

Gradually add cocoa to butter mixture, beating constantly

Fold in the milk, vinegar and sifted flour in 2 batches.

Spread mixture into prepared pan and bake for about 50 minutes, or until cooked when tested. Let cake stand in pan for 5 minutes, turn onto wire rack to cool and than you can decorate and frost as you like.

We used red icing. B loves red icing and always chooses red, must take after his mum.

And of course eat!!

Now I’m going to enjoy mine with a coffee and a good book. I haven’t been reading much lately and I love to read you may remember my bookcase from my first post, well the other day I came across this Fall into Reading 2011. Being down under it’s actually spring here but hey I will still join in the fall read along. This has come at such a great time as I really needed some motivation to get back into reading

So before December I am going to try and get these novels read

‘Frost Bite’  – Richelle Mead,

Which I’m reading right now and indluges my not so secret anymore love of trashy vampire novels. I’ve also read this whole series before and am re-reading.

‘Maestro’ – Peter Goldsworthy,

This is an Australian Author who has sets his book in the Australian city Darwin looking forward to it, comes with a recommendation from Duchess (my sister) as she studied this for her VCE.

‘A farewell to Arms’ – Ernst Hemingway,

This has been on my shelves for ages and I keep picking up but as yet have not even read the blurb, I’m abit nervous about this one I have not heard good things but it is a classic and must be a classic for a reason so I will give it a go.

‘Shadow Kiss’ -Richelle Mead,

Yep another Trashy Vmapire novel and yes I have read this too, but I just know I will want more vampire trash after I finish ‘Frostbite’ especially now Trueblood the tv show has finished (anyone else love that show?)

Well this will be my list I know it’s short but I have so many crafty projects I want to finish by December and I am wonderful and over extending myself so I’m keeping it short to keep the pressure off. Wish me luck I’ve got my fingers crossed I will get all of these done. If your like me and love to read but just don’t find the time join up the Fall Into Reading 2011 and read along with us.

I’m off to clean up the house for craft group tomorrow but I just wanted to leave you with this

the boys playing DS, there is 2 huge couches on the other side of the room, 🙂

Hope your all well



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