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Another secret project ta-dah!!

I know I have been talking about all the presents I have been making and you guys must be thinking where are all those finished objects, well I can finally show you the 2nd gift I have been working on. I haven’t shared this with you for fear I was never going to finish it. When it comes to sewing and quilting I’m a terrible procrastinator but this particular project had more hurdles then just my laziness.

I first saw this style of blanket at Aesthetic Nest where the lovely Anneliese has even written up a wonderful tutorial to help anyone else who wants to recreate her beautiful  creation. It took me a while to actually start (that was the first obstacle) I would just keep going back to Anneliese post and gushing over her wonderful blanket, thinking can I, can’t I. And then finally my sister in-law fell pregnant and I knew I just had to make her a blanket.

So with her little one in mind I headed off to the fabric shop. Now I had no idea of the sex (we were lucky enough to be included in her news very early on) so I wanted a neutral colour and something that could work with any theme the mum to be decided to go with.

With that in mind I chose yellow. I’m not the biggest fan of yellow for babies its why I have always found out the sex of my kiddies and then proceeded to tell any one who cared haha. But I loved that star fabric and it reminded me of lullaby’s which I thought was perfect for a little one nodding off to the land of slumber. So I started following Anneliese instructions and laid my fabric out

I even cut it all up, making sure I cut the flannel on the bias so that it would make the desired chenille lines. And so far I had run into no problems I even started sewing my 1/4 inch channels up and down up and down, then I left it on the machine but I didn’t sit down for such a long time and when I did sit back down to it the tension on my sewing machine had magically changed itself. Of course I didn’t realise this and had sewn two whole lines before realising. So I then spent a lot of time unpicking and sewing on a little test strip but my tension would not go right. I decided to leave it a while. I mean that always fixes problems. I know we have a an old analog tv we still use to watch dvds in bed and occasionally it stops working, we just wait a while maybe a month and low and behold a miracle happens and it works again. It just needed a little holiday so with this hope in mind I hope my sewing machine needs a little rest.

A while when I return to my machine ok maybe a long while my tension is magically fixed and I begin churning out those lines but then I run out of thread on the bobbin. I wind a new bobbin and the tension is gone again. I wind another bobbin still not working, I do the leave it but it doesn’t work this time. I clean my machine I read every little thing I can find on tension but nothing seems to work and finally I think maybe the cottons too old so I head off to the craft store get some new cotton wind a bobbin and it works. I even run out and wind another bobbin and still my tension is on que. But like I said at the beginning this blanket had many a hurdle and if you thought that I was in the clear now you were wrong. I was about 5 strips away from finishing after hours and hours of sewing and the unthinkable happens my needle breaks and I didn’t have a spare. Another trip to the craft store, pop new needle in and begin sewing for the what seems like the millionth time. And I’m done I have sewn all those lines and it’s time to cut. I’m lucky in a moment of not looking at prices I purchased the Olfa Chenille cutter and it makes light work of all this channels and I’m done in no time.

It’s late at night I’m home alone and may have had a few wines and I am ecstatic at this point!! I’ve managed to get this far!!!! but then I’m so scared to bind it. So it sits and waits for the courage to well up in me and then I find this amazing tutorial and I have that a-huh moment and know I can do it.

It’s all bound and washed and dried and the ruffles  looking amazing. I’m so happy with this blanket. I can’t stop looking at it, patting the ruffles.

With all the obstacles I ran into making this blanket mainly due to my own stuff ups alright completely due to my own stuff ups haha, I loved making this blanket I really did have so much fun with it. My sister in law finally received it. After starting this blanket around the 4th week of her pregnancy and finishing in her 20th week she owns a ruffle blanket. She loved it and I just know that any little bubba would love to lay in all those soft ruffles.




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Cherry’s on a summers day

Oh my oh my

the fingers and brain are not quite working in unison today the lack of sleep is starting to take its toll on the brain who said baby brain finished when you have the baby it, just keeps on going and going. So far this weekend I have knitted the first 5 rows of a baby cardigan 6 times and frogged it 7 and now it sits to be knitted again after finally figuring out what I was doing wrong,  I have also been knitting hexipuffs at a snail pace but at least they are getting done and don’t require a lot of concentration now. Plus this post has been started several times, as I type now I am still having to hit the backspace button a lot for all those misspelled words the fingers just aren’t on the game today. All this baby brain is due to the fact Little Princess decided it was party time last night, well screaming in pain time I should say, I fear the little darling has an ear infection poor baby, but this has led to one tired mumma.

But before the mushy brain set in I did manage to make the Little Princess a top. Now I’m no clothing expert I’ve only just started diving into the clothes and I’m not terribly good at patterns. I’m the one in the relationship who tries to put the ikea furniture together without the instructions while Mr C carefully reads and marks off all the components, well I seem to be sewing clothes like I put together ikea furniture, ‘let’s just see how it goes’

And this time I think it went quiet well 🙂 I picked up this cute fabric at spotlight for 30% off, gotta love a sale at the local spotlight, I got a metre for around $3 and this top only took about a 1/4 of that. With the sun out here this weekend I can just see little princess enjoying some rays in this little cutie.

Well I’m off to try to knit that cardy again wish me luck

Hope you all enjoy your beautiful days


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Crafters Delight

Mr C is off at the gym something he does every weekend, yes he is wonderfully ripped, hehe he’s my sexy muscle man, well whats a girl to do when her partner has gone to the gym, well I should probably do a spot of exercising myself but it tends to just get in the way of the more important things like blogging, lol.

(I will go for a walk, I will go for a walk, I will go for a walk,

ah who am I kidding I WILL make more hexipuffs. and tell you about my crafty delights :))

So while Mr C’s away I shall share my 2 crafty excitments I have had this week the first being this

Do you remember my cross stitch well I got it back from the framers on Friday

and I am just so delighted with it

Red being mine and my mums favourite colour I think it just makes it pop.

The perfect frame for this very sentimental piece of art.

The 2nd bit of crafty delight I recieved was a new cabinet

Now I have been meaning to pick this up for a while.

But with no way of transporting it it has been sitting at my sisters

but a wonderful friend with a ute stepped in and picked it up for me

(wonderful friends with utes).

It was my nana’s than my mum’s and now it’s mine

and in a kitchen that has amble cupboard space but no wall space a kitchen dresser just does not go

so i decided I would use it to keep all my craft delights in and organised.

Thats right my crafty bits and bobs are now organised. They are no longer stashed around the house in small hidy holes,

behind, under, beside, on top of.

No now they have a home and I have my very own Crafty Delight Dresser. And yes there is cupboards down the bottom and they are filled with more yarn. hehe.

Yarn obessed

I will use it to make hexipuffs, I will use it to make hexipuffs, I WILL NOT BUY more yarn, ah who are we kidding, 🙂

Well a tired little princess is calling so I will have to love you and leave you

oh she just got louder better go the princess is calling



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Bunting Swap

Right now I should be making a fruit platter for craft group (It’s healthy week this week) but I am just too excited to share my buntings with you. I was not sure if I was going to share them as I wanted it to be a surprise to all the wonderful people who recieve them but I just couldn’t resist showing you my little baby buntings. Plus I figure the few bunting swap participants who stop by still will not know if they are getting one or not hehe. I have absolutely loved participating in the Bunting Swap, I have had so much fun making my little buntings thinking about how they are going to go off on their own out into the big wide world and hopefully (fingers crossed) be loved by complete strangers from blog land and  a few blog friends as well. The buntings that are on their way to me have started to arrive and I’m hopping mad with excited every time I open the letter box to discover a gorgeous little envelope from somewhere in the world containing a piece of bunting made with love for little old me. I can’t wait to put them altogether.

Onto my little bunting babies

I wanted to crochet some pretty buntings so I started off with my hook and my random colour selection method and produced 20 buntings

But I just didn’t feel that these by themselves were doing it for me and I decided they needed a little extra love so I decided to add some

embroidery of my name, now I have to say that after hand embroidering 20 buntings I was a little over this idea but I stilll love it and how pretty are they with all the beautiful colour, I can just imagine this strung up on someones porch or maybe even in their own little princess’ room. But they still weren’t complete they needed to come together so I

sewed them altogether and wella my little baby buntings were born and I have had to tear myself apart from them to pop them into envelopes and send them off, yes I am having slight separation anxiety from my baby buntings, I just hope that all the wonderful people that receive them look after my babies and love them as much as me. I have had so much fun making them, crocheting, embroidering and sewing them altogether. I can’t wait till I have all mine from over the world. This swap has been the best it’s been motivating and rewarding.

Well I better make that fruit platter 5 mins before everyone gets here.

enjoy the sunshine today



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