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It’s a weird old funny day

This beautiful scene is what we woke up to this morning, and I just couldn’t resist grabbing the camera and running outside to take a quick snap before starting the morning school rush. The whole backyard was covered in the most beautiful dewy pink glow. It made you all warm and calm inside. But the weather man was reporting 21 and showers but they didn’t seem anywhere in sight. Fast forward a couple of hours and it turns out the weather man was spot on our beautiful pink sky is no longer and has become a dreary grey mass.

It is so dark and gloomy now I have had to turn the light on inside so I can knit. I should be knitting hexipuffs as you probably gathered from the lack of one a day post, I haven’t really been into it this week. I might have knitted one but really that’s being pretty optimistic with myself. Instead I have started one knitting project 3 times. 1st I cast on the wrong number of stitches and didn’t pick it up till I had knitted 1 round, secondly I stuffed up the ribbing somewhere and finally after getting to the required length realized I was using the wrong size needles. So I went rip rip rip and have finally got it on the right needles with 1 round of ribbing done right and the right amount of stitches hopefully by tonight I’ll be back up to where I was before I ripped.  I have however finished a few little crochet projects but I can’t show any yet as they need to be wrapped and posted off to a little one who will soon join us. But I will give you a teeny tiny sneak peek.

Hehe no colour for you yet. Can you guess?? I can’t wait to show you I’m so excited by these little pressies they have really been an absolute joy to make. I also stuck some art up on the wall and it has been met with mixed response’s. I’m quiet liking the splash of colour to our beige lounge room and this is the beginning of a our new gallery wall. I can’t wait to hang some more little family objects up.




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I was over on pinterest the other day (aren’t we all) and I came across this saying and it got me thinking. When I was a little kid maybe 5ish I was going to be a Doctor than when I was a teenager I was going to be a lawyer, than when I finished school I got a job in an accounting firm. My dream growing up was always to be a successful woman and I defined that by my job, I dreamed of wearing beautiful clothes to work, I dreamed of living in a mansion and having the fanciest cars and the  coolest clothes. Children were not on my agenda well at least not till I was well into my thirties and I was not a little girl that planned her wedding. I do not remember ever marrying by barbie to ken, I do remeber her being a doctor a rock star the list of careers goes on.

But I hit a bump in the road when I was 21 in what I thought was going to be my dream life. I feel pregnant with B and unbeknown to me the beginning of my dream was starting to map itself out. It still had a few hiccups to sail through but it was well on it’s way, when I became a mother for the 1st time.

Fast forward 3 years and my dream really takes off when I meet the man of my dreams Mr C. He is the most amazing kind caring man I have ever known and I fell in love, he has a son and together we make a family of 4 and I thrive on being part of our family. Mr C and I decide we want another blessing and start trying for a girl.

9 months later little princess is born and I become a stay at home mum, a homemaker. My dream has arrived I am living it. It is not what I expected my life to be but I can not think of anywhere I would rather be than right here with my wonderful family. My life is not perfect by far but it is perfect to me. I love every moment of it even the 2hourly feedings little princess’ is still doing, because one day they will stop and I’ll miss them. I’m so thank-ful this dream found me and with it being mine and Mr C’s anniversary tomorrow I couldn’t imagine a place I’d rather be than right here at home.

I hope everyone out there has found their dream, was it what you originally had in mind? I’d love to know!

{Image Credit: Pretty Zoo; Quote from “The Lovely Bones” by Alice Sebold}


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The sun is finally shining

Everybody I talk to of late is over this winter. It has been a long one. There was not much of a summer down under and now it seems our winter is going forever. I know that technically winter does not end until October but that just seem so long away. Everything is wet here and when I say wet I mean you walk on the grass and here the squelching of water, the rain has not stopped in the last couple of weeks. And I swear it starts up the heaviest at school pick up time. Any other mums find this. But in all that dreary rain and squelching water the sun has shone for us today.

And the boys have grabbed the opportunity to play in the sunshine streaming through our window.

The backyard lettuce is sprouting up beautifully in the  cold sunshine

The beautiful sun is shining on the mountains out the back of our little home. The sky is finally blue and even though it is still very cold the blue sky makes me feel all warm on the inside.I just couldn’t get enough of the mountains and the blue sky, I feel I need to brave the cold and do some hookin on the back porch today.The green against the blue makes me happy, at least that’s one thing I can be thankful for all the rain we have been having everything is all nice and green for the summer. I just can’t wait for the weather to be warm and dinners with these views on the back porch. Well I’m off to finish the hat for B that I’m still working on, hopefully I’ll get some productive hooking done while the little princess is asleep and Mr C is playing Lego with the boys. Hope in your part of the world you are all enjoying some sunshine or at least some crafty delights.


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Baby Squish

Little Princess is growing up so fast. I remember when I was pregnant she was definitely going to be our last I was not having anymore, but the more she grows the more I want another one. However Mr C is adamant this is the last, We shall see hehe. I thought today I would share with you some of Little Princess’ gorgeous squishyness. . . .Look at those chunky thighs, they just melt my heart

Aww those feet, they are my favourite part right now just a ball of fat with 5 little toes poking out the top.

Don’t you just want to eat all her squishyness up

Her arms are just as chubby she sure is one ball of squish. We are loving all of her cuteness.

Even the back of her head has adorable squishyness and look at that belly poking out on the sides 🙂

She is now 5 months, 1 week and 6 days. She can roll over and has been for awhile, but will only roll from her tummy to her back and I suspect it’s mostly due to her cubby head. She is trying to crawl and getting very frustrated that she can not move anywhere. She doesn’t like to sleep for longer than an hour, but I still love it Mr C thinks I’m crazy for wanting more when i haven’t had any sleep for 5 months. She loves her daddy and always saves up her biggest smiles and laughs for him when he gets home. Her brothers adore her and are always giving her cuddles and kisses.

We love all of her squishyness it brings smiles to our faces, we kiss and tickle all of that gorgeousness and hope it lasts.

Wishing all you baby lovers out there a great day




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