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What’s been coming off the needles and hook

The crochet and knitting continues with some little interruptions of the school holidays. We have just finished our mid year winter holidays here and there were many movies seen and lots of braving the cold for outings. The big kiddies are back at school now and so it is once again just me and little princess at home. She is getting to that real precious age. She now feeds her dolly and puts her to bed. Little Princess then comes back from her room to inform us all ‘shhh bubba sleeping’. It’s just so adorable. She is a really little treasure. On knitting I made her a hat details here. The gorgeous pixie type that makes me think of whimsical fairy tea parties.IMAG0326I’ve also been crocheting several new toys and hats for customer special requests. I am particularly proud of how Thomas worked out. I hunted for a pattern for a long time but there was nothing out there in 8ply or that really took my fancy. I wanted to work Thomas in as few parts as possible. I had many a false start and there were several Thomas’ that got ripped right back. But the finished product has only 2 main body parts, his under carriage and his circle part on top. Yea less sewing together. I also stuffed him with foam cut to size which allowed me to keep more of his rectangle shape then opposed to stuffing with polyfill. I haven’t decided whether to release this pattern or not. What do you think?


A mini hootabelle and a hootabelle cotton beanie have just come off the hook as well. I love hootabelle and I’m so happy they changed her voice she sounds so much more hootabelle like now. My little girl loves hoot and hootabelle she now has both a hootabelle and a hoot so she runs to get them when it’s giggle and hoot time on the tele.

But probably the most exciting thing to tell you is that I finally went to the Bendigo Woollen Mill and if you haven’t been you just MUST go and if you have you know exactly what it is like. It is like walking into woolly heaven, there is wall to ceiling delicious wool all around in an array of wonderful colours. And lets not metion the back room or I may just go into woolly delight overload. I purchased some stunning Luxury in 10ply to knit this, which I have already finished but will save for another day. I also purchased some spur of the moment luxury in 8ply from the back room. It’s not designated yet so I’m having lots of fun looking at different patterns.

IMAG0335 I went to Bendigo on a day trip with my crafty pal Esme and after all our wool purchasing we decided to drive about and find main street and a cafe for lunch but on the way I spotted this out of the passenger side window and a quick detour was made. It was a little chilly but we decided to sit outside under all those blankets and we were surprisingly warm. It was such a wonderful day. I highly recommend a trip to bendigo.

Love to all




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Did you have a good Christmas?? We had such a lovely time, it really was a beautiful day. But now the last of the boxes have gone out, the last of the turkey has been eaten and the feeling to pack away the tree is starting to gnaw away at me. When do you pack up your tree? Do you follow the 12 days of Christmas and take it down on the 6th or do you pack it up straight away. We usually wait till the 1st of January but I’m itching to be done with it and get it all back out in the shed. I have been known to pack it up on Christmas night after the kiddies have gone to bed. I’m no grinch just after the big day I tend to want to get everything packed up, but I do love Christmas tree time so next year I might do what a dear friend did this year and pop it up the 1st weekend of November.

Were you spoilt this Christmas did you get lots of lovely goodies, were many of them yarn related. I treated myself to this lovely sight.

After signing up for my first Yarn Bomb with a rainbow theme, I decided new yarn was needed and with the shops all having sales it was the perfect time to splurge and get a delightful amount of glorious coloured yarn. I’m just loving the way it looks on the craft shelves at the moment and as my craft shelves sit in our living area Mr C is getting asked a lot of ‘doesn’t it just look beautiful’ and ‘oh look at those wonderful colours’ all of which he dutifully proclaims ‘it looks lovely’ and ‘yes very wonderful colours, very bright dear.’ (Gotta love him). But it does all look so bright and cheery I’m not sure which ball to remove first to begin my new project. I don’t want to disturb the little piece of yarn heaven I seem to have created. But I must, just to decide which ball to begin with and not to mention which pattern to start with. I’m thinking granny stripes as it works wonderfully with bright colours and as the yarn bomb is on the 22nd January, granny stripes would work up nice and quick too. I’m itching to start now I type about it but I must finish this little pretty first.

I can’t tell you what it is yet, but I am learning as I go with this little one. And yes this is going to be very little and I do so hope it works out to be the right size but I dare not mention any more as this little pretty is a gift and I don’t want to give away anymore.

I feel like I have not popped into say hello is such a long time it feels like I have so much to update you on. I’m not sure where to begin. You may have guessed from the above picture I finally finished ‘inheritance’ and it got slightly better but I’m not recommending anyone to go out and read this book it’s just another predictable fantasy conclusion to an other wise ok serious. I did want to start ‘A tale of two cities’ by Charles Dickens but I can’t seem to find my copy so I’m starting the above pictured book tonight, I’ll let you know how it goes. I have also decided that like coffee life is too short for a bad book so I am going to try to stop reading a novel if I don’t like it. Something I find terribly hard to do, so we will see how it goes.

I’m still working on the mystery ‘frilly witches’ hat. She is taking a little longer than I would like but I’m working out the pattern myself and finding time to crochet, concentrate and write it all down does not seem to be happening with everybody on holidays. So she may have to wait till the start of school before she grows legs. Oops did that give it away.

But I do have a finished object to show you. Yes Yes I’m shocked too! With all this busy business of the holidays going on I’m surprised anything has been finished but here is the fair isle coat hanger.

Only one now but  I do intend on making another one. It was really fun and I loved all the colour changes though sewing in all those ends was not fun but I guess being a hooker – I was use to ends, that even they seemed to work in relatively quick and easy. I also decided that I’m keeping this one for myself, some of little princess’ clothes will still fit on it and it’s just too pretty and colorful to give away. I used another Debbie Bliss pattern and she is quiet quickly becoming one of my favourite knitting patterns designers. She just seems to have such lovely easy knits for little kiddies and bubbas alike. Every time I find a pattern I like it always seem to be another Debbie Bliss creation.

And lastly but not least I’m still hexipuffing away.

I hope you all have lovely New Years Eve, Do you have big plans?? I wonder if this year I will make it till midnight we shall see but for now bye bye and lots of holiday cheers

till next year



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One a day – Episode 16

What a week it has been, we have been so busy with our Christmas prep and finishing all those loose ends at school. B is meeting his new teacher for next year today and finding out who will be in his class for next year. K has been doing orientation to start prep next year and of course little princess has decided that once again sleeping is off the agenda and so crochet and knitting seem to have been put on the back burner, and I do find myself wanting to crochet or knit and being unable to concentrate for more than a few stitches. I have instead at night watched a woeful amount of bad tv while trying to amuse a little princess and trying to fit in a few stitches between her little whinges:)

But amongst this I have managed to start designing my own little . . .

well what do you think this is. Mr C thought I was crocheting a frilly witches hat. And than whilst continuing to read Inheritance which is still taking forever I just couldn’t resist the urge to knit. It seems to have taken over at the moment. I find myself wanting to knit more and more these days I suspect this is due to the fact that I am quite a quick knitter compared to crocheter. I also have so many lovely pregnant friends at the moment who just need little jackets and I just find knitted clothes so much more adorable than crocheted ones. But I do love crocheted toys and blankets over knitted one so I think my love lies in both of these arts knitting just seems to be more at the forefront now. And so while I should be sleeping I start just because I couldn’t resist a completely frivolous and unneeded project

I’m trying my hand at fair isle, just a small project to start I’m knitting up some little baby clothes hanger covers. I thought I would fail miserably at this and spend the time trying to untangle the mess of knotted wool but instead I have not got tangled once and have been zooming up and down the knitted and purl sides counting away and keeping close track of those colour changes. It is working out nicely I think I might make a set of these, though they will be too small for little princess’ clothes  – they are only for 20cm coat hangers, so not sure who these will be for maybe the next one I will add a few more pattern repeats so I can keep them for little princess. I would love to know if that would work if any of you knitters out there know leave me a msg I’d love your wisdom. But before I could start these beautiful coat hangers I had to sort out this terrible mess that had developed in the cupboards of my craft dresser.

But after hours of untangling, unknotting and winding back up I came out with the most delightful basket of gorgeous cosy pretty raveled balls. Though I do have to admit I commited yarn lover sin and some did have to be discarded as it was just not worth saving. It was too knotted and tangled to be savable or and I shudder to remember it was toward the end of hours of sorting and I just couldn’t be bothered saving little amounts. I know I know I’m very naughty and will have to say a lot of ‘I love yarn’ to be forgiven.

And how could I forget and leave it till now to tell you, I finally gave in. I had been holding out, waiting for the dvd but I just couldn’t do it anymore. So yesterday I took myself and little princess off to the movies and we saw Breaking Dawn – Part 1 and I LOVED it. I must admit to being a lover of these books from way back and went to the first Twilight movie maybe more than once, but over the years my love for twilight has dwindled and we parted ways after the movie New Moon and from then decided I would watch them but only ever on dvd, but after many lovely ladies telling me it was great and the one thing that hooked me was Bella changes in this movie. I have wanted to see that for so long. I just couldn’t wait I had to see it, so after a quick re watch of Eclipse my love was reignited and I found myself smiling through the wedding, not wanting to miss a bit of that steamy scene and holding my breath waiting to see what would happen to Bella. I want to see it again already, I just loved it.

But of course that is my week and today is One a Day Tuesday and last week I was still on track but this week I feel I may be falling further and further behind. I just seem to have so many other things to knit and crochet that my one a day seems to be suffering from a case of slight neglect. Not many hexipuffs have been added to the slowly growing number.  And I really have nothing to show this week but as you know I will go to great lengths to give you a hexipuff photo and in the spirit of Christmas I give you


Merry Christmas 🙂

So this week hopefully I will knit some hexipuffs I have my fingers crossed. Finish off some coat hangers and keep going on my ‘frilly witches hat’ and hopefully have some Finished objects to show you.

I’m now off to Karate where I shall knit at least one hexipuff while the boys and punch and kick away.



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One a day – Episode 7

We are on track with our one a day hexipuffs

I managed to make 7


some days more than 1 was made

and some days

none were made 😦

Other projects need some tender loving care too

randomly the colours seem to be working ok together

I have alot more stash yarn to use before I buy anymore

The Goal – 384

Total so far –

41 glorious hexipuffs

Need to make 353 hexipuffs to be complete by deadline of

27th September 2012

I so want it to be finished now it’s just so squishy I want to be able to use it.

But we are heading into summer now down under so hopefully if I can get it finished a little early so I’ll have some winter months with this goodie.

Hope you liked the jumping hexipuffs this week

B had heaps of fun making them bounce

Can’t wait to see what all my one a day buddies have been up to over here



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One a day – Episode 4

I have been knitting away at my beekeepers quilt and I am loving it. I love knitting, though I still prefer crochet it will always be my first love, but knitting these tiny hexipuffs is so much fun. Sunday afternoon I even took my little supplies out in the sun to knit away while Mr C and B kicked the footy around.

Yes I do love to stay in my p.j’s. I actually own more pj pants than I do going out pants lol. Of course I’m also still new to this knitting thing so I am having to keep track of my rounds so my trusty little book comes everywhere my knitting goes.

I think I managed to knit 9 hexipuffs this week, and I have noticed they are getting much neater as I knit along. Now I do remember i said I was going to use this project to use all my left over yarn but I just couldn’t resist these 2 balls and they were only $3 so thats a must buy bargain I say and don’t the little puffs made from them look delicious.

and of course

Little Princess still loves her crochet hexipuffs.

I’m really enjoying the One a Day Cal and popping over to Gingerbread Girl to see everyone elses projects, though I do wonder how long it will go for as I don’t think I will be finished when it ends as I looked at the pattern and I am going to need a lot of these little hexipuffs to make a descent quilt I think I’ll be knitting into next year. But I can’t wait to cuddle up under all those squishy squishy puffs.

thanks for stopping by



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