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Fall into Reading 2011 – Wrap Up

A little while ago you may remember I signed up to be part of Callapidder’s Fall into Reading Challenge where you choose a list of books you would like to complete by 21st of December, I signed up a little late but there was no restrictions on when you could join or how many books you could decide to challenge yourself to read. At the time I was already reading a novel (You can check out my start here) but I had read it before and I felt I was stuck in a reading rut. I had books sitting on the shelf staring at me but none of them seemed to be screaming to be read. I had a vague sense I was neglecting something I loved dearly, the written word but at the same time life was just too busy. I could not spare the time I wanted to give to a book. Being the sort of person that can become so engrossed in a good novel that I forget reality exists can be a challenge when there are mouths that depend on you for feeding and also the lack of sleep from a non sleeping 10 mth old seemed to be keeping my nose out of many a book. I would pick them up read a few pages to only place them back on the shelf to collect dust. I needed a good stiff kick up the bum if I was ever going to start reading again and so this challenge came at the exact right moment in my little world and I jumped on the bandwagon quick as a flash.

I have loved being a part of this challenge! I read two wonderful books that would have otherwise sat on my shelf collecting dust for who knows how many months, years more. But instead I discovered 2 wonderful novels full of adventure, love and pain that I enjoyed reading immensely. You can check out my quick reviews back here.

Part of The Fall into Reading Challenge involves the delightful Katrina asking us reading related questions, I have loved going over to check them out and discuss with other book lovers all sorts of book related subjects. Finding out wonderful things about other readers was insightful and my fav being that I am not the only naughty reader out there who reads in the car at traffic lights, when it’s a good book it’s just too hard to put down. But there have been many more questions and many more blog posts I have enjoyed reading along the way.

But alas as I lay in bed late at night writing or should I say typing this post I have come to the conclusion that I am not going to finish¬† and prehaps it is due to the fact that along the way I decided to change my last choice. After finishing my first 3 novels (see here if you like) which I decided did not classify as cheating as I had read my 4th choice anyways and I really really wanted to read ‘Inheritance’ I had been waiting years for this book to come about and could just not resist. But alas it has been sorely disappointing and I am only here (above) but I am still reading. I can not put a book down once I read a certain amount and I have gone past the point of no return and yes the book is getting better, but sadly I have to say this author has lost his way. At every turn he seems to introduce a deus ex machina to solve his plot obstacles, but it is the last in series I have enjoyed until now and I must see it to the end even if that means I do not finish this challenge. Though I have decided that this does not constitute a fail as I achieved what I set out to and that was to get out of my reading rut and get those unread books off my shelf and into my hands and that I did. Not only did I read 3 novels 2 being fantastic I already have another book I am just bursting at the seams to read and so my love for reading has been reignited and I count that as a big Pass for The Fall into Reading Challenge.

I shall be watching Callapidder closely for her next reading adventure and will definitely be joining in!!!

Merry Christmas to all




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