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Bunting Swap – little pressies

A long time ago now I joined the bunting swap over at squiggly rainbow, my plan was to wait and join them alltogether before posting them up on my blog, but time has just gotten away from me and I am still yet to join them together. But I think they must go out into the big bloggy land for some love.

So in no particular order

I present my recieved bunts

This lovely blue bunt is from Alison Gibbs . . .

This very pretty one came from Bec I am

and even included a gorgeous little card

green delight with a little crochet goody came from Lauren

at lozalicious and included a lovely little note

This cute wee bunt came from the very talented Rachel

at Squiggly rainbow. Who is also the very wonderful lady who organised this fabulous swap

A little sweet heart came from Little Gumnut

Pretty blue crocheted bunt with pretty white crochet trim is from

Leah at mini monty

A little bit of sparkle on blue is from

Trudi at maude and me


A lovely light blue crochetd granny bunt from Lioness Lady,

is so soft and luxurious and even came with a note with babushkas

to cute

I have loved opening the mailbox the last months to find gorgeously packaged little presents all for me. It’s been an absolute delight to find something special amongst the other pesky mail and bills. But you might be wondering hey all the way back here you made 20 where are the rest? well, there is just so many I thought I would break it up a little and show you the rest another day.

So watch this space for the bunting update




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Bunting Swap

Right now I should be making a fruit platter for craft group (It’s healthy week this week) but I am just too excited to share my buntings with you. I was not sure if I was going to share them as I wanted it to be a surprise to all the wonderful people who recieve them but I just couldn’t resist showing you my little baby buntings. Plus I figure the few bunting swap participants who stop by still will not know if they are getting one or not hehe. I have absolutely loved participating in the Bunting Swap, I have had so much fun making my little buntings thinking about how they are going to go off on their own out into the big wide world and hopefully (fingers crossed) be loved by complete strangers from blog land and  a few blog friends as well. The buntings that are on their way to me have started to arrive and I’m hopping mad with excited every time I open the letter box to discover a gorgeous little envelope from somewhere in the world containing a piece of bunting made with love for little old me. I can’t wait to put them altogether.

Onto my little bunting babies

I wanted to crochet some pretty buntings so I started off with my hook and my random colour selection method and produced 20 buntings

But I just didn’t feel that these by themselves were doing it for me and I decided they needed a little extra love so I decided to add some

embroidery of my name, now I have to say that after hand embroidering 20 buntings I was a little over this idea but I stilll love it and how pretty are they with all the beautiful colour, I can just imagine this strung up on someones porch or maybe even in their own little princess’ room. But they still weren’t complete they needed to come together so I

sewed them altogether and wella my little baby buntings were born and I have had to tear myself apart from them to pop them into envelopes and send them off, yes I am having slight separation anxiety from my baby buntings, I just hope that all the wonderful people that receive them look after my babies and love them as much as me. I have had so much fun making them, crocheting, embroidering and sewing them altogether. I can’t wait till I have all mine from over the world. This swap has been the best it’s been motivating and rewarding.

Well I better make that fruit platter 5 mins before everyone gets here.

enjoy the sunshine today



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Wella a Pin-Up

In my last blog I promised some crafty gorgeousness, I had all intentions of revealing all to you over the weekend, but alas Saturday morning the whole family woke up feeling terribly ill. Mr C had already been sick for a few days, but by Saturday we were all feeling the ill effect of a terrible cough and cold. So our Saturday became a all curled up on the couch movie Saturday with the Playlist including “Narnia” and some good old “Harry Potter”. Sunday morning did not bring better news and most of Sunday morning was spent sitting in a doctors waiting room looking out at the beautiful blue skies we were all missing out on, feeling sorry for ourselves. The Doctor sent us all home with antibiotics and orders to rest, but as you parents out there know rest with a sick family is never easy. Mr C being the least sick of all (already having his major sick days) has been doing an excellent job of taking care of all of us.

Now before the weekend of coughs and chills I promised the aforementioned crafty gorgeousness and fortuantley before my body and brain turned to mush I finished my 2nd Pin up Girl . . .

This pin up involved using satin stitch, which I had a little trouble with and finally decided the outlined satin stitich was for me and by the 2nd shoe I think I had it down pat.

I wanted to add my own little touch so I decided on a naughty little cherry tattoo on the hip,

I decided on black hair for this one but she needed some highlights so i added some blond through out

Very sexy legs

I think she is one sexy lady, she’ll look lovely with my fan girl on the wall.

Well we are all slowly on the mend here, B is home from school today resting on the couch with more movies, I’m slowly catching up on the house work of a family of 5 and amongst all of our yucky sicky weekend I did manage to crochet up 1 bunting for the bunting swap.

Chat soon



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The Bunting Swap

Just a quick post today, you might have noticed the new link over on the right. Well Rachael at Squiggly Rainbow has come up with the wonderful idea of doing a bunting swap and I couldn’t resist.

I jumped straight in there saying I would crochet 20 buntings. Now Rachael is going to get us all to mail them out individually to people who have joined in. I can’t wait to see all the different Buntings I receive. It’s so exciting, so head over to Rachael’s Blog the squiggly rainbow and join up it’s going to be so much fun. You know you want to, go on here’s the link again for Rachael. Well I have to run, off to have coffee with Mr C at our favourite cafe and than off to craft group. What a great day I’m in for. Hope you are all having a great Friday too and I should have some crafty gorgeousness to show you all this weekend. Bye bye for now xx

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