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A new baby blanket


The Cabbage patch seems full of baby boys at the moment. Do you ever feel like one sex is being born way more then the other. I remember when I had B there was only 1 little girl in our mothers group the rest were all boys and when I had Little Princess all my friends who were having babies were having girls too. Now it seems to have flipped back to boys and I was asked to make a special blanket for someone’s new little nephew. I was given free reign on the design but was asked if it could be similiar colours to the last baby boy blanket I made.

boy blanket2I choose to go with a pattern this time as I was on a bit of a short time frame. The block I choose is from Jan Eatons 200 Crochet Blocks  and the pattern is the Criss Cross  and it works so well in a big blanket. Though putting it together was more like quilting with having to make sure all those spaces lined up. There was a couple of times where I ripped the whole rows back. I found pining the chains were the spaces were to each other really helped make sure those spaces lined up.

boyblanket6This was a relative quick project, much faster then the ripple. I whizzed through the squares and managed to finish the whole blanket in 2 weeks. There are 12 squares in total all joined through the back loops with right sides facing together.boyblanket1And I finally got to add a pom pom edging. This is something I have wanted to do for a while but I just haven’t had the right blanket come off the hook. This one was perfect for pom poms. It was practically screaming at me to sew a pom pom border on. My heart was jumping for joy at the finished look and I think I may need to make us a blanket with a pom pom edge, maybe something red. I have been given a report that the new baby loves his new blankie oh and mum and dad do too.

Love to all




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The blanket is finished

I did it!! I finished sewing in the last end last weekend and all in all it has taken exactly 2 months to show you my finished blanket

There are 204 squares for a 12 x 17 blankie. It’s a good size stretches out over your lap with room to tuck your feet up in it too.

I love it!!! I know you shouldn’t rave on about your own work, but I have really enjoyed making this blankie, the squares were so quick and easy to make, And the joining just flew by. I love the finished product. I just adore how all the colours just go even though they were never planned and in fact are odd balls I had just lying around.

I enjoyed making all the squares and then joining them all up, but there was one mammoth job at the end. With 204 squares that meant there was 1054 ends to sew in. God I’m so glad I didn’t work that out until just now.

Even with all those ends I still love love love this blanket. It’s everything I envisioned.

I do plan on backing this one with some fabric, to make it extra cuddly and warm. But for now it’s all ready to go for snuggling on the couch.Did you spot the cuckoo clock in the backgroud. I’m so thrilled with this new little treasure. I bought it off Amazon for an absolute steal of $8.00. It came bright pink but I gave it a revamp and I now find myself looking at it all the time. Well now I have finished my impromptu blanket it is time to get on with those hexipuffs I’m still at around the 180 mark so only about half way so I really need to get knitting. Better get on it

Love to all



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The weekend was pleasantly quiet here at Chez Orchard. We did our regular Saturday morning coffee outing and then the rest of the weekend was spent in our pj’s or in Mr C’s case his “lounge pants”. It was very relaxing indeed. I was even served breaky in bed on Sunday and spent a good part of the day in bed, drinking coffee, watching the Today show, knitting and reading.

Why you might ask was I so spoiled .  . . well if you are part of the gaming community and not living under a rock you may have heard that they released a little game called Diablo III. Apparently this game is totally amazing and gamers have been eagerly awaiting it’s release for some years. Well Finally Mr C got to play this weekend and because I am such a wonderful fiancee and let him play pretty much not stop all weekend he spoiled me rotten. Not only did I get breaky in bed but I didn’t cook dinner once all weekend, so I would have to agree with gamers all over the world Diablo III is AWESOME hehehe.

I finished a few projects over the weekend too. The Miracle Rainbow Ripple was wrapped and popped in the post on Friday so as soon as I know it’s received I’ll bring you some bright colourful shots of her. (yes blankets totally have genders). Another project I finished was for Mr C something I was so surprised to hear him ask for but was a load of fun to make, now I just need to get him to co-operate with some nice shots of his new piece. But what am going to show you today, well a little while I mentioned I had started a new project and I teased you with some side shots of little baby squares back here. Well I have now started to add the last round.

This was a spur of the moment blanket I discovered over at the Serendipity Patch. I stumbled along her blog through pinterest and instantly wanted to create every single blanket she has ever made. But I’m yarn dieting at the moment and everything would need serious planning and careful consideration of colours in other words the yarn I have was not going to cut it and I had promised to try and use as much of my stash as possible before buying more yarn. Disheartened I left it for a later date, but I just kept being drawn over and over again back to her blog and started to even look through all her wonderful archives and then I spotted it over there. Isn’t it wonderful such a pretty take on the granny and I couldn’t wait this would be perfect and so I began.

It’s funny you know all these yarns are ones I bought on whims not knowing what I would use them for or never actually making their intended purpose.Though they are all working so well together, I’m loving it. I’m running out of some yarn colours as I go and so the urge to replace them is strong but I’m holding out so not all squares will have the same number of colours but I think it’s adding character. What do you think??

Thank you so much serendipity patch you are a vision of joy.

Love to all




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