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I seem to have gone missing. I haven’t gone into hiding, no witness protection programs, I just seem to be finding it hard to find time to blog. No I’m not particularly busy doing anything but I am working on a fair few projects at the moment and they all seem to be taking up a lot of my time.

You know the kinda projects you are working against the clock on. The kind with a deadline, whether that be a filming schedule or a babies due date. And the thing about schedules and deadlines is as soon as I have them I tend to procrastinate. I know I should get hooking and knitting away as soon as I find out about these deadlines but I always seem to leave it to the last-minute and spend several days/weeks hooking and knitting away like mad. And so this is where I am at right now.

I am in the clutches of  rippling away. I am nearly halfway and the colours I’m using are making me really enjoy this project. But the bouquet of hooky flowers on my to do list is nowhere near half way and I’ve got one more week to have it ready to mail, so tomorrow I must I repeat to the procrastinator in me I MUST hook up a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

And don’t even get me started on my one a day. You may have noticed a drastic absence of One a day posts, this is largely due to the fact I’m not puffing away. I need to pick up those needles, I even have one half way done on the needles but I’m just so busy with all the other knitty hooky business going on in my house. But I will be puffing away again I promise to deliver another episode of the puff family next week.

Oh god did I just add something else to my to do list. Better go start now or I’ll never get anything finished.

Love to all




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What a lovely Weekend

Friday morning I was busy cleaning the house (oh so fun) and I heard the door bell ring, Mr C went and answered it and I hear him call ‘Oh Bebe it’s for you’ with a touch of grandeur in his voice. I was so excited, I bounded to the front door dropping the broom right there. And I was not disappointed it was from my lovely swap partner for the heart Swap. I was so excited I ripped open the parcel straight away and was totally blown away, by the wonderful present I had received

Isn’t she just adorable!!! I totally totally love her. I was blown away by how sweet my swap partner had been. Lisa had also included some other lovely goodies, but arrgh they were consumed before a photo could be taken, but you can check them out here. Did you see how lucky I was. And that Freckle was the best freckle I have ever had, so creamy I want another one right now actually. But what I loved most about this little present was that it was an elephant. My late mother collected elephants and as you may remember she died young and still less that a year ago and since her passing elephants have come to mean a lot to me and this one bought a little tear to my eye. I just love her and she will be treasured for years to come. I could gush abouth her forever but she was only the beginning to my lovely weekend

 Sunday I took a drive up the Dandenongs to meet a friend. I love the Dandenongs

It’s not just for the amazing views, even on an overcast day you can see for ever

But it’s this feeling. The feeling of magic. I love the closeness of the trees. The winding of the roads

I feel like I am in a magical forest straight out of a Disney movie and if I just keep looking close enough fairies will appear. And so I relished the chance to meet Miss Pos in the magical forest for Coffee with Little Princess. I love when you catch up with an old friend you have not seen in a while and it feels like no time has gone at all. We drank coffee and chatted the morning away surrounded by the beauty and magic of the forest.

And of course a lovely weekend can not be complete without some hooky knitty goodies

and so I hooked and knitted up some beautiful flowers.

The first of many to come.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend too



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I’m a little tea pot

Short and pretty,

I managed to make a beautiful cover for the tea pot as promised,

My hooky mojo had not quiet returned but as this was a birthday present for my other sister Aurora I needed to get it finished. I was rather naughty with this present, her birthday was in August. Oh my goodness I hear you gasp, she did know she was getting something and I did keep telling her it was coming. What makes the lateness of this present even worse is that I had my birthday in between hers and the giving of this present. But I  am glad to say that when she received it she was thrilled to bits and it has taken pride of place on the shelf.

I used the garden party pattern for the cosy but I did modify it slightly as my tea pot was larger. And I have to say being proud of myself would be an understatement, that I managed to knit this on 2 circular needles, having never even used one circular needle before, I will definitely be trying this again it was super quick and easy.

I love hooking though so the flowers and leaves were all hooked up. I couldn’t find a pattern that was simple and straight forward and quick so I just made it up as I went.

Also along the theme of tea my belle-mère gave me these lovely tea cups and plates, to celebrate our engagement.

These little tea cups belonged to her mother and have been handed down through generations. There was a lot of oohhh’s and aaahhh’s as I unwrapped each one of these divine little treasures. I absolutely love them and they are on display in my kitchen now, I can’t wait to use them. They are true vintage and she just knew that I would love them being the only one in the family that is vintage and retro inspired, she has even promised me the crystal cabinet as no one else will want it. lol.

I would also like to say a big thank-you to all the wonderful comments everyone leaves here, I do love reading them and I do try to get back to everyone. I love discovering new blogs to read through comments and I love keeping in touch with bloggy land friends. Also a big thank-you to everyone for the congratulations on our engagement.


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