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And finally . . .

I can begin showing you all the pressies I’ve been working on.

Today I put the finalizing touches to one of the little pressies that has been on my to do list.

But over the weekend I actually got to give a little present to a very delighted mum to be of twins at her lovely baby shower.

Her reaction was exactly what makes giving a hand made gift so delightful, the little shriek as she realised what I had made and the big smile that said that’s exactly what I wanted

 Ok do you want to see

I was so excited when I thought to make it

here we go




She’s having twins remember, oo I wanna squeal now they are just so cute.

Though in case your a bit confused and are thinking ‘Oh how mean to call the babies thing 1 and thing 2’

don’t despair it’s a little joke playing on the Characters from the famous book

by Dr Seuss

The Cat in the Hat

I can only hope that her twins don’t bring as much mischief as thing 1 and thing 2 did in The Cat in the Hat.

I used the same pattern I used for this little hat here.

and I totally love how they worked out

Isn’t it just wonderful when you find the perfect colours for a project and it all comes together so well.

And now to just wait for the arrival of two little munchkins.




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A little forgotten hat.

I finished my Yarn bombing piece last night and proceeded to block my 4 squares for Stocki’s Beautiful Blogger Blanket and than I found myself in the very odd place of not having and immediate projects, but a big desire to start a blanket of my very own. But what to make and where to even begin with so many lovely blankets in blog land I just don’t know where to start. Though this morning I spent sometime browsing through blog land and came across Cherry Hearts Yearly round up and 1 photo caught my eye and popped right off the screen at me, can you tell which one it was. That’s right scroll down to march, any ideas yet? That’s it just down the bottom center those adorable flowers, I just must know where they are from, so after a little browsing in Cherry Heart land, I found Sandra had made them from this lovely book which just screams with so many make me now projects, so without a second thought I headed over to my fav online book shop and purchased said book with out a moments hesitation and now I start the wait for it to arrive on my little doorstep and the fun to begin. Yippee!!

But while browsing photos last night I realised I had forgotten to share a little hat I made at the start of December for a very special friend from the days of High School (and doesn’t high school feel like a faint memory) who is having her very 1st bubba. Lovely high school friend will be such a fun mummy I decided a little fun hat was in need but without knowing the sex (we do now) I wanted something gender neutral but not yellow. And than while browsing in my fave Debbie Bliss books (yes her again) I found it.

The Wee Willie Winkie Hat can’t you just picture a newborn sound asleep in this cute little hat. Well unfortunately I don’t have a cute little sleeping newborn on hand I do however have a little snowy bear

who was more than happy to pose for a few quick shots. I had so much fun making this little sleeping hat. It was my first time actually using all 4 Dpn’s and after a little confusion (more of my just see how it goes attitude) I was off and circling in no time.

This little hat was also a very quick knit worked up in about 2 days. That’s 2 days of normal knitting, you know the kind where children want things and partners need love and house needs attention: normal days.

I did however change one little thing and finished the hat off with 2 i cords tied in knot instead of the pom pom, I know know I just can’t seem to leave a pattern alone.

The little wee Willie winkie hat completed my little care hamper for the lovely high school friends baby shower.

After having 2 babies of my own and not being the most comfortable pregnant lady I decided that babies are far to spoilt at baby showers and the mums to be need much more attention. After all they’re the ones doing the hard work so we can all have new born cuddles. So from my own experience I put together a few little things to hopefully help ease the burden load of pregnancy

I do so hope she enjoys it all and I can’t wait for the little one to be born only. 4 more months to wait.



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Did you have a good Christmas?? We had such a lovely time, it really was a beautiful day. But now the last of the boxes have gone out, the last of the turkey has been eaten and the feeling to pack away the tree is starting to gnaw away at me. When do you pack up your tree? Do you follow the 12 days of Christmas and take it down on the 6th or do you pack it up straight away. We usually wait till the 1st of January but I’m itching to be done with it and get it all back out in the shed. I have been known to pack it up on Christmas night after the kiddies have gone to bed. I’m no grinch just after the big day I tend to want to get everything packed up, but I do love Christmas tree time so next year I might do what a dear friend did this year and pop it up the 1st weekend of November.

Were you spoilt this Christmas did you get lots of lovely goodies, were many of them yarn related. I treated myself to this lovely sight.

After signing up for my first Yarn Bomb with a rainbow theme, I decided new yarn was needed and with the shops all having sales it was the perfect time to splurge and get a delightful amount of glorious coloured yarn. I’m just loving the way it looks on the craft shelves at the moment and as my craft shelves sit in our living area Mr C is getting asked a lot of ‘doesn’t it just look beautiful’ and ‘oh look at those wonderful colours’ all of which he dutifully proclaims ‘it looks lovely’ and ‘yes very wonderful colours, very bright dear.’ (Gotta love him). But it does all look so bright and cheery I’m not sure which ball to remove first to begin my new project. I don’t want to disturb the little piece of yarn heaven I seem to have created. But I must, just to decide which ball to begin with and not to mention which pattern to start with. I’m thinking granny stripes as it works wonderfully with bright colours and as the yarn bomb is on the 22nd January, granny stripes would work up nice and quick too. I’m itching to start now I type about it but I must finish this little pretty first.

I can’t tell you what it is yet, but I am learning as I go with this little one. And yes this is going to be very little and I do so hope it works out to be the right size but I dare not mention any more as this little pretty is a gift and I don’t want to give away anymore.

I feel like I have not popped into say hello is such a long time it feels like I have so much to update you on. I’m not sure where to begin. You may have guessed from the above picture I finally finished ‘inheritance’ and it got slightly better but I’m not recommending anyone to go out and read this book it’s just another predictable fantasy conclusion to an other wise ok serious. I did want to start ‘A tale of two cities’ by Charles Dickens but I can’t seem to find my copy so I’m starting the above pictured book tonight, I’ll let you know how it goes. I have also decided that like coffee life is too short for a bad book so I am going to try to stop reading a novel if I don’t like it. Something I find terribly hard to do, so we will see how it goes.

I’m still working on the mystery ‘frilly witches’ hat. She is taking a little longer than I would like but I’m working out the pattern myself and finding time to crochet, concentrate and write it all down does not seem to be happening with everybody on holidays. So she may have to wait till the start of school before she grows legs. Oops did that give it away.

But I do have a finished object to show you. Yes Yes I’m shocked too! With all this busy business of the holidays going on I’m surprised anything has been finished but here is the fair isle coat hanger.

Only one now but  I do intend on making another one. It was really fun and I loved all the colour changes though sewing in all those ends was not fun but I guess being a hooker – I was use to ends, that even they seemed to work in relatively quick and easy. I also decided that I’m keeping this one for myself, some of little princess’ clothes will still fit on it and it’s just too pretty and colorful to give away. I used another Debbie Bliss pattern and she is quiet quickly becoming one of my favourite knitting patterns designers. She just seems to have such lovely easy knits for little kiddies and bubbas alike. Every time I find a pattern I like it always seem to be another Debbie Bliss creation.

And lastly but not least I’m still hexipuffing away.

I hope you all have lovely New Years Eve, Do you have big plans?? I wonder if this year I will make it till midnight we shall see but for now bye bye and lots of holiday cheers

till next year



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The Cardigan that nearly ended my love affair with knitting

The Cardigan that I have been knitting and complaining about is finally done. Thank goodness it is finished is all I can say. This was not the fun relaxing knitting experience i have had with my hexipuffs and this previous cardi. If you are new around here you will not know that I only learned to knit back here because I was dying to be able to make a beekeepers quilt, well I’m still going with my beekeepers quilt still loving knitting little hexipuffs, but this cardigan was a drag.

Now I’m new to knitting and of course fell in love with the baby in the book (pattern is from Essential baby by Debbie Bliss), and I looked the pattern up on raverly to see what everyone else was saying about this gorgeous little coat and everyone was in love with it, raving about it. Some people were even knitting their second, so excitedly I cast on the first piece . . . well it was quick but by the end I was already over it and I had 2 front sides, 2 arms and a hood to go and silly me kept going. That darn cute baby in the book just kept smiling at me.

Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with the pattern, no hard to read bits, no errors, it was just so so boring. I mean it went knit knit knit knit, maybe do one increase ok now knit knit knit knit knit and than knit knit knit knit. Garter stitch I mean how much more boring can you get. Now I know all you experienced knitters out there are probably nodding along at how boring garter stitch is and probably having a good little giggle to yourself about my newbie response to knitting. But I just wanted this cardigan done with I took it everywhere with me

even to a roller skating party, that’s right a few knit rows in between laps anything to get it done. But the worse was when I finished the cardigan. I didn’t like it. I didn’t like it at all, and it sat there awaiting buttons for a good week. But the buttons didn’t jazz it up. I still didn’t like it. But than I had an ah huh moment and I added a pink crochet border and the whole thing popped and it was worth all that knit knit knit knit. I like it, I don’t love it and it wont be being cast on again but I do like it and I think it will be one very cute baby in this duffel coat. Lets see what you lovelies think . . .

here it is the take forever bore you to tears duffel coat


love you all and I better go make some hexipuffs I’m slowly becoming 2 weeks behind



P.S. I do know hexipuffs are knitted in garter in the round but they are just so much more fun and cute hehe



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