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Poseidon the Cardigan

A little while back, I saw a little girl in a cardigan that had a diamond pattern on it. I fell in love and went on the hunt for a similiar pattern this is what I found. I made so many errors knitting this and had to rip back so many times on the postive I finally learned that technique where you put your needle in the row you want to rip back to and then you just rip rip rip, You know what I’m on about right, if not here is a great tut. Anywho all that ripping and knitting was totally worth it

cardi 2

The colour is Poseidon from Bendigo Woollen mills. I am really loving Bendigo wool to knit with it is so lovely and hardly shows any inaccuracy in tension. Though I’d like to think I was becoming a better knitter, I think in reality Bendigo wool is just that good.


Besides knitting the left side as a mixture of the right and left and ending up with a wonky shaped panel that I had no idea what it was. The diamond pattern was really straight forward. I didn’t even mind knitting that stocking stitch, which is a first for me. Normally I can’t make it 5 cm into stocking stitch before giving in, but this just knitted up so fast.

cardi 3

I love this cardi, the colour, the pattern it’s all so cute. But unfortunately I think she may only get to wear it twice if I’m lucky. I knitted the size 2-3 but to the 4-5 length so in theory this should be long enough to last through 2 winters. Which is what I was counting on as we are in spring, though you wouldn’t know it, a torrential down pour has started this week and it’s been freezing so I quickly sewed the buttons on and she got to wear it at least once.

Love to all





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The Cardigan that nearly ended my love affair with knitting

The Cardigan that I have been knitting and complaining about is finally done. Thank goodness it is finished is all I can say. This was not the fun relaxing knitting experience i have had with my hexipuffs and this previous cardi. If you are new around here you will not know that I only learned to knit back here because I was dying to be able to make a beekeepers quilt, well I’m still going with my beekeepers quilt still loving knitting little hexipuffs, but this cardigan was a drag.

Now I’m new to knitting and of course fell in love with the baby in the book (pattern is from Essential baby by Debbie Bliss), and I looked the pattern up on raverly to see what everyone else was saying about this gorgeous little coat and everyone was in love with it, raving about it. Some people were even knitting their second, so excitedly I cast on the first piece . . . well it was quick but by the end I was already over it and I had 2 front sides, 2 arms and a hood to go and silly me kept going. That darn cute baby in the book just kept smiling at me.

Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with the pattern, no hard to read bits, no errors, it was just so so boring. I mean it went knit knit knit knit, maybe do one increase ok now knit knit knit knit knit and than knit knit knit knit. Garter stitch I mean how much more boring can you get. Now I know all you experienced knitters out there are probably nodding along at how boring garter stitch is and probably having a good little giggle to yourself about my newbie response to knitting. But I just wanted this cardigan done with I took it everywhere with me

even to a roller skating party, that’s right a few knit rows in between laps anything to get it done. But the worse was when I finished the cardigan. I didn’t like it. I didn’t like it at all, and it sat there awaiting buttons for a good week. But the buttons didn’t jazz it up. I still didn’t like it. But than I had an ah huh moment and I added a pink crochet border and the whole thing popped and it was worth all that knit knit knit knit. I like it, I don’t love it and it wont be being cast on again but I do like it and I think it will be one very cute baby in this duffel coat. Lets see what you lovelies think . . .

here it is the take forever bore you to tears duffel coat


love you all and I better go make some hexipuffs I’m slowly becoming 2 weeks behind



P.S. I do know hexipuffs are knitted in garter in the round but they are just so much more fun and cute hehe



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