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Fall into Reading update

As you all know a while ago I joined the fall into reading challenge over here some of you even joined along :). I have so enjoyed this challenge. This year I was struggling to become involved in any novel and had even started to re-read my dirty little secret novels, but this challange has really given me the kick up the bottom I needed.

I have actually finished 3 of the 4 books I committed myself to read.

‘Maestro’ – Peter Goldsworthy,

This book was recommended to me by Duchess who had to read it for school. I’m not the biggest fan of Australian literature (very unpatriotic of me) so it has been sitting on my shelf for over 3 years now just waiting to be read, being picked up looked at, turned over but always replaced back on the shelf.

Well that was a big mistake! This book was amazingly written and through the whole experience I found myself wanting to keep reading. When I was away from the book I was thinking about the characters, what were they doing, how was it going to end what was he going to do next.

This book held my interest through out the whole time. I turly loved it, now I’m no book reviewer so I’m not going to go in details about characters and stuff but I will just say I should have read this book 3 years ago when it became a fixture of my bookshelf. Highly recommend it going on anyones to read list.

‘A farewell to Arms’ – Ernst Hemingway,

Now I’m a big fan of the classics one of my favourite authors is Tolstoy, I love war and peace but I even liked Resurrection, I love russian writers Crime and punishment being one of my favourite books.

So being a lover of the classics I have always wanted to read some Hemingway but was put off by a friends discription of Hemingway as ‘I have no idea what everyones talking about he writes like a wack’ so not such high praise and as such this book has sat unread for a time as well.

But this was another one I should have picked up long ago, It’s wonderfully wirtten (not like a wack at all :)) and I loved every moment. Though I would have to say the characters are slightly odd especially Catherine who at times I have no idea what she is going on about and seems to live in her own world.

So that’s another 3 books down and I have  so enjoyed this reading, but I have decided to change my last book. I mean I have read it already so I think swapping it for something else does not classify as cheating. And I have been waiting so long for this book  to come out I can’t wait any longer now I have it.

This is the 4th and final book in The Inhertiance cycle, Christopher Paolini was 15 when he wrote the 1st in this series and I read it way back in 2004ish so it’s been a long journey to the end.

I have started this book and am about 50 pages in and I’m not sure if it is my reading that has grown but the writer seems less capable this time around. It does not seem as well written as the others and has not hooked me straight away like the others but I will keep reading. I very very rarely start and not a finish a book. I just cannot half read a book even if I hate the book I must read till the end. Does anyone else out there do the same thing, what book have you read just because you must finish it??

Well I’m off to snuggle in bed with my book and some knitting

night night all






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