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A rainbow ripple for a Miracle Baby

Do you remember when I blogged about this blanket, well someone saw it over on my facebook and asked if I could possibly make one for their baby who is to be born in Ocotber. I was thrilled and delighted and of course I said yes.

I was even more excited to be making this blanket, when the lovely lady told me this little blanket would be going to a Miracle Baby. Having had my children relatively young and one of them being a wonderful surprise, I can not imagine how hard it is for women who must go through the turmoil of fertility issues.

I watch all my friends around me beginning the process of creating a family and some of them are facing their own though battles and my heart goes out to them.

But with the miracle of life I look forward to making many more miracle blankets for all the natural miracles, hormone mircales and IVF miracles that I am sure will come and make many families happy.

Thinking of all you wonderful ladies out there

Love to all




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A Beautiful Winter

It is a miserable day here, dark and gloomy but I am feeling far from gloomy. Normally I am a summer person all the way I love the sun and look forward to it all year but this year I have wholeheartedly embraced the winter spirit, I’m loving that the days are getting shorter the sun is setting sooner and the cuddling on the couch can commence early. Even Mr C has been amazed at my winter mood which is normally quiet blue but seems to have retained much of the summer warmth about it.

I’m just finding so many wonderful thing about winter (yes I know we are not quiet in winter yet) this year new gumboots with little hearts on them made my heart almost leap out of my chest when spotted in the shop.

and of course they just had to come home with me.

I also have so many wip on the go right now, I’m never bored and I’m loving everyone though of course the hexipuffs do seem to get more neglected then all the rest

but this April I declared puff month and went on a mammoth puff and got quiet a lot done

and of course the crochet that is bringing me so much joy in winter is a little project I’m working on in colours I don’t normally go for but are making me excited every moment I hook a new square and make a new colour combination

And of course like most of my projects these little squares started off as something little and then I realised how small that blanket would be so has gone from ‘I’ll need 10 of each colour to I’ll need 25 of each colour’ but I’m loving it and they are so simple to work up I get 10 a day done no worries.

And lastly the sunshine in my little world at the moment is a little blanket I have been requested to make after a kind lady saw the last blanket I made

it’s another rainbow ripple baby blanket this one will be the miracle rainbow ripple as it is for a little miracle baby. ­čÖé

Hope you’re all loving winter as much as me



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A bit of sunshine on such a miserable day

This is the other little present I have been working on for another little baby and I thought on this gloomy miserable Melbourne day it would be perfect to share a little sunshine with you

and a lot of joyful rainbow ripples

It makes me a little warmer just looking at all these pretty pretty ripples of rainbow colours

I hope I have brought a little warmth to your part of the world this morning, I’m off to have a cuppa tea to warm the inside up too and do a spot of crochet on my new project while the little princess naps.



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