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Christmas is about the giving

I’m one of those people who love to give. I love making things for people, it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to be creating something I know will go to someone who will love and treasure it. I love giving so much sometimes I never make anything for myself and of course I have had to learn not to make for people just because. For example a mummy I know said all she wanted for her 30th birthday was a teapot which she was so happy when she got it, instantly I want to make her a tea cosy and I know she would be so delighted to have a tea cosy but I have promised myself not to start one until after christmas well after christmas. All Christmasy presents and crafts must be well and truly done before I make a just because present (her birthday was in March).

So with the spirit of giving at Christmas time it was time to get ready the Teacher’s present for B’s school. This is B’s first year at school so we are just a preppy and it is our first year of giving teacher gifts and we wanted to do something special. After much internet searching I found the cutest idea on pinterest with a lovely tutorial by Stacy Jacobsen we made a few changes of course, us crafty people can never leave anything alone. Plus down under we don’t have green air heads and of course I had white chocolate and red gel food colouring in the cupboard so waste not want not I used this instead of red candy melts but I do believe you can buy red candy melts at your local spotlight if you want.

We also went for more of a lollipop bouquet look and popped them in a Christmasy box with tissue paper to hold them up.

It was a lot of fun making these and they are so simple for such a great result

All the school kids and mummy’s just loved them

the kids were blown away

B thought they were just he best

Though one thing that always seems to happen to me when following American tutorials is finding the products they use

 America just seems to have a much bigger variety of candy.

Than when you have hunted everywhere you have the trouble of finding something to substitute so I thought I’d let my Aus peeps in on a few little substitute secrets.

1. Spearmint leaves from Kmart are the perfect size for Oreo biscuits.

2. Safeway sells straight pretzels sticks in their own brand (love a bargain) and broken in half are the perfect size for Oreo apples

3. If on the day before you are giving the present your local store has run out of large lollipop sticks, skewers cut to size work just as well and with the pointy end down help to poke into the tissue paper.

To cut skewers easily make a cut with a sharp knife and then you will be able to break them cleanly where you want. Do not try cutting them with scissors this will result in a lot of frustration and a sore wrist.

4. and as I said above I just dyed white chocolate red

We did also make a little one for the classroom helper but I have been a bad blogger and did not get a photo of that one, but looks more like Stacey Jacobsen’s ones. Our Oreo apples were a hit and it was fun watching B give them to the teachers he was so proud of himself.

A little while ago I came across the idea of reindeer noses

I’m not sure where I saw this cute little idea

but we also madesome for the kids in B class

B had so much fun counting out 8 Maltesers and 1 jaffa for Rudolph nose. Such a fun little project for kids and they all thought it was pretty cool plus what kid doesn’t love chocolate.

And so that’s our first year of teacher and kiddie presents done I guess I better start thinking about next year. What other apple related things can we do next year??

Merry Christmas to all



I discovered today that Joanne from Rose & Dahlia

has awarded me the

which I learned from Joanne means ‘Dearest or Beloved’ so I was stunned and very excited to read my name amongst the five blogs she decided to pass it onto

Thank-you so much Joanne it is a wonderful honour.

And now I must pass the award onto some of my

‘Dearest and Beloved blogs’

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Check them out if you don’t already know them, they are all very talented ladies and a great read with a coffee

xx again



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